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anonymous asked:

Josh and Hazel were adorable together a few months back. I'm hoping Josh can realise he doesn't need Mia and decides to be an adorable step dad to her kids.

This is Riverdale, not a shitty episode of 7th Heaven. Though I slightly agree with you on that he doesn’t need her, they’ll always be best friends and I’m sure that they’ll get over this soon

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one rooting for Mia and Josh to get back together?

Nah. I want them to go and find their puppy, become successful actors and live happily ever after in some gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion

anonymous asked:

luke or josh?

Now how could you make me choose?! Josh is so nice, and cute but Luke’s all tough and poetic. Either way, they all have Mia’s finger prints.. um, um, um. Josh!