Oh Josh. So much talent and inspiration. How id it one man can be so amazing and gorgeous in every way possible. I feel weird saying this because I don’t know him personally, but Trenchers we have to be so proud of Josh for everything. He kicked self harm, bulimia/anorexia, drugs, a heroin addiction, and came out more than just alive. He’s so inspirational and wonderful. He’s so talented. I’m so glad his bulimia didn’t mess up that talented throat of his. His voice is so captivating and he plays like eight instruments and writes beautiful music. His lyrics are a piece of art. They make you feel like you know him. They make him relatable. So many teenage girls, probably guys too, can look at him and think “I’m not alone, Josh got through it” He’s helped so many and saved so many lives with saying the things he has. And he always writes music that means something to him. He even admitted he can’t write fluff. He just can’t and he won’t. Despite some songs being so hard because they’re so personal to him, he still performs them in front of hundreds-thousands of people almost every night. He’s amazing. And to top it all off he’s so damn attractive!! Okay. I think I’m done Josh Ramsay obsessing. Okayillneverbedonedoingthat #joshramsay #joshuaramsay #joshuakeelerramsay