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"Cherokee" by Joshua Michael Robinson

I’ve known about this talented artist for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I was truly astounded by his music. Ever since I first heard his music, I fell in love with his voice, but his music sounded monotone and, frankly, almost boring. But something told me I shouldn’t just forget about him, that his raw talent would eventually form into amazing music. Well, the moment I’ve been waiting for is now here.

Joshua Michael Robinson’s new album Intentions came out in August, but I hadn’t taken the time to actually check it out until about two weeks ago. This album blew me away! The arrangements, the vocals, the guitar — the album is spectacular. And considering JMR is not currently signed to a record label, it’s even more impressive. The songs are dynamic, soulful, and downright interesting. I enjoy the lyrics and all the thought that clearly went into the overall sound of each song. This album exhibits proof that JMR has a lot of talent.

I would have to say my favorite track off the album is the one in the video above, “Cherokee.” I love the acoustic version, but I also really, really love the album version, so I strongly suggest checking out the album version too! My other two favorites are “Broken Sling” and “Black and White.” I like the gentleness and honesty of “Broken Sling.” Also, the addition of the female vocals brings the song to a whole new level; it’s flawless. With “Black and White” I really love how it feels relatively upbeat, while still being soulful and vibrant. I love the entire arrangement in the song; all the instruments together make it sound so dynamic.

Overall, I would consider Joshua Michael Robinson a very talented singer-songwriter and an artist on the rise. Intentions is a fabulous album definitely worth a listen. I’m excited to see future work from JMR, and I believe his music is only going to get better from here.

Check out some of Joshua Michael Robinson’s music here:


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everyone should go watch josh’s new video! :)