First the Tear In My Heart video was problematic because Jenna slapped Tyler so it was “advocating domestic violence”

Then the Blurryface campaign was problematic because it was “triggering” and scaring people.

Now “Lane Boy” is problematic because it’s “racist” for god knows what reason.

This is exactly the kind of thing that made FOB go on hiatus back in 2009, people finding something wrong with everything they did to the point where they couldn’t take it anymore. Let the fucking band make their music, it’s their art just because you can spend 4 hours analyzing it to death and come up with some reason it might offend somebody somewhere doesn’t mean it actually is offensive. Just relax and enjoy the music.

I wasn’t raised in the hood but i know a thing or two about pain and darkness
—  tyler joseph acknowledging how much people suffer in poverty sticken neighborhoods and demonstrating that those people live tough lives; at the same time he is saying that you dont have to come from a certain demographic in order to experience pain. he is NOT being racist.
The skeleton clique needs to hit the brakes.

This is exactly what Tyler was afraid of. He told the clique that he is afraid of putting out new music because he is afraid of being judged. It is what Stressed Out is all about.

Please keep a positive attitude towards the clique and towards Tyler and Josh. They have put a lot of work into this album and gaining the confidence to grow so big. Please let them feel comfortable enough to continue making music.

I can promise you that they don’t want to hear that their music is causing members of their fan group to tell people to commit suicide. I can promise you that they are sorry for triggering some fans. I can promise you that they are sorry for members of their fan group taking Blurryface a step further and causing other clique members to feel uncomfortable. I can promise you that they did not mean to offend anyone with any of their new music and that they are sorry if they did.

We love you, Tyler and Josh. We support you. Please do not let these set backs stop you from doing what you love. A lot of the clique members rely on you two to get through the week.

regarding the release of lane boy

it’s okay to:

  • like the song
  • dislike the song because it’s not your style
  • dislike the song because you think it’s problematic
  • point out why you think it’s problematic
  • point out why you think it’s not problematic
  • have a mature discussion about it

it’s not okay to:

  • send death threats to people who disagree with you
  • tell people tyler and josh would be happy if they killed themselves

please remember that tyler and josh:

  • love and respect all their fans
  • can handle constructive criticism
  • would never want to hurt anyone
  • would never be intentionally racist
  • are not perfect people
  • want the clique to be a safe and positive environment