Get ready to save Team Xtina’s Josh tonight with the instant save via twitter. I believe you need to be following The Voice’s twitter and can’t use third party services or apps (like Tweetdeck). Though it doesn’t say this on the rules part on their site so I’m guessing it’s probably not true.

Tweet #VoiceSave Josh whenever it’s time.

I never ever say simply, “Speed up,” I go point by point. If you make your point and then make the next one and the next, speed and tempo will grow naturally. The moment you tell actors, “Tempo, children, pace,” they rattle like typewriters. They stop thinking- and so does the audience.

Josh Logan

(director: South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun, This is the Army)

You make me feel alive
You set alight my desire
You make me want you so bad
So let’s add fuel to the fire

Let me take your hand
Kiss me softly, kiss me hard
Let me show you what it means to me to be a man
Tease me, treat me mean, say anything
It just drives me wilder

The way you make me feel
Is something I’ve been waiting for
Now I can’t get enough
Your body’s my drug

I’m addicted
To know you is to love
What you do to me

—  Fuel to the fire - By Josh Logan