If I Could Say Something To the Sibling Band Fandoms

Tumblr is basically the family home base of the 1d fandom, as it is with all of our fandoms. Since you don’t keep up with our fandom, I’ll tell you what’s going on. It’s as if a large bomb has descended upon us all. This entire week has been absolute shit for us. The first bomb descended when Zayn left the tour, it struck at the Zayn girls/Ziam fandom. The second bomb landed right on top of the Elounor fandom/shippers. This one was really bad and they’re still in the “denial” stage of grief, no one knows why it’s hitting a lot slower for them than the rest. Some have moved on to the anger stage, but as far as the rest of us are aware of, the Elounor fandom is living in a cave somewhere far away, because we haven’t heard from them in days. So if I’m honest they may have either left the fandom, or they’re in their depression phase of grieving. Then the most recent bomb has hit us all. Zayn leaving. Not that we don’t agree with this, we’ll support him until the end. But losing a member of the band you’re devoted to is god damn hard! Imagine losing Michael (5sos), or Bradley (the vamps), or George (union j) guys! It didn’t just hit the Zayn girls, it hit everyone. EVERYONE. I’m not specifically a Zayn girl, but I sure as hell have been crying since 9 o’clock this morning. But the Zayn girls have taken it really hard, I can imagine. It’s not just Zayn girls either, it’s also people in the Ziam fandom, the Ziall fandom, the Zouis fandom, and the Zarry fandom that have lost half of themselves. We have lost over 1600 fans due to suicide for Zayn leaving. We’re in turmoil, and at least a million fans are leaving because he left, maybe even more. This is really terrifying and I would just like to ask you to reblog this post showing your support in this. Not only are we in grief, we’re also terrified out of our minds as to what happens next. I will be tagging the fandoms that I believe to be siblings to the 1d fandom, not necessarily saying that the bands themselves are siblings, but all these fandoms understand the turmoil that losing a member could potentially bring. 

In summary we have lost:







We need some support. Please reblog if you’re here for us.

Forgot to post this yesterday but the adorable people at Buddybounce made this video to show the “top Union J fans” for this week and HOW CUTE IS THIS CUS THEY PAIRED ME UP NEXT TO GEORGE AND I JUST ~ !!! *insert tears of joy emoji here* like… how did they know? Anyway I thought this was cute ^-^ ♡

(jo-cuthbert also makes an appearance with Josh, Tumblr fam represent hehehe)