I am so proud. No one deserves this experience more than these four boys - and even though it’s not their tour, they’re still playing to sold out arenas which were advertised as “the vamps AND union j”. That crowd brought tickets to see them and when they were on the whole arena got up and started singing along. Every single one of those lights were shone for union j. No one else. At that moment the whole arena decided to support and appreciate them. I honestly couldn’t be happier for them and their performance last night was absolutely incredible. I have a feeling 2015 will be a good one💛

I'm curious...

Do any of you guys like Union J and The Vamps? Haha. Weird question, I know. Just a tad curious to see whether you guys like ‘em as well as One Direction. :))

I’m seeing them in 2 weeks. In London. At the O2. Haha. Which I am extremely excited for! :DD xx