So, this weekend was incredible. I was lucky enough to win a radio contest to go rock climbing with twenty one pilots. We got to the rock climbing place an hour early just to be on the safe side. We signed the waivers got harnessed up and all waited around till the guys came. When they got there, and walked through the door, I started crying. I was so over whelmed. They went and did their thing so I decided I would attempt to climb the wall. I was terrified, I never rocked climbed before and I’m also scared of heights. But I decided to give it a go, and I’m glad I did. I was so proud of my self when I got to the top. Once I was up there I did what the belayer said and sat back and waited for him to let me down. But instead of him letting me down he was just having me hang there and I was really confused, than I heard everyone screaming my name and telling me to look to my left. I had no Idea what was going on. I was looking around and then it finally hit me TYLER was right next to me!!! I screamed and he just smiled at me. We talked for few seconds, he told me he loved my hair. And then he gave me a high five and said that is was awesome being on top of the wall. We started going down the wall and he held my hand for a hot second, it was amazing. After all that I just chilled on the ground, I was over come with emotions. After everyone was done climbing we had our “meet and greet” I walked in and gave them both hugs and just kept saying thank you. I really couldn’t get any other words out. I asked Tyler to write out the words “stay alive” for me, and he did twice. He said he wanted to make sure it was perfect. After all that we went back to the venue for the show. And that show was amazing! But I will make another post about that. I’m still In shock, I can’t believe this all happened. I am truly blessed.


nothing in the world compares to moments like this

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