joserisms said: What is your talk about?

It’s still in the refining process, but I’ll be sharing how as teachers, we must first and foremost teach students to believe in themselves and their abilities. Once students believe in themselves, they will find motivation for success in academics, society, etc. My talk touches on music education as a prime environment for students to experience this concept, but it is mainly about the motivating power of positive self-esteem. It's inspired by an experience I had with one of my 4th grade students as well as the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood. I’ve got tons more whittling down to do, but that’s the gist of it! 

meanstreets asked:

how did you meet your husband through tumblr? Sorry if you have answered this before

Well, seeings how today I can say that Joserisms and I have been married for 11 whole months, I thought this would be a good question to answer.

It was right before the start of my second year teaching, and I’d gotten a tumblr message from a guy who was about to start his first year of teaching. I don’t remember exactly what he asked, or exactly how I answered, but I sent him a message not thinking a whole lot about it. It wasn’t until I posted pictures of my classroom and heard from him again that I started to wonder who this guy was.

You see, I try to keep my blog pretty private. I don’t post my whole name, I don’t write about the location of my school, its name, or the names/faces of students. So I was really quite shocked when this guy asked me specifically if I taught at a particular school. To be honest, I kind of freaked out. I thought I would have to delete my entire blog, warn my school, etc. (cause let’s be real…there are some real creepers on here). Before I did all that, I thought I would at least finish reading his message. Turns out he recognized the books I was using as ones he was familiar with. You see, the schools I’ve worked at are private and associated with a specific religion. There are a lot of these schools around the world, but not enough to where everyone knows about this religion. BUT when you come across someone who is this religion or is aware of it, it can be a big deal. So anyways, it turned out he and I share the same beliefs, had mutual friends, and went to sister colleges (oh, it also turned out that I hadn’t turned off my “tweeted from” location on twitter, so that’s how he really figured it out).

It’s kind of funny looking back because when Joserisms and I first started talking, I told my sister, “Just because we’re both single and the same religion doesn’t mean we’ll get married and have babies!”Anyways…

After emailing, and texting for awhile, we progressed to phone calls. I realized that he was a really funny guy who had his head on straight, and he was someone I looked forward to hearing from everyday. Our busy teaching schedules FINALLY allowed us to meet. We decided to meet at the Disney Museum in San Francisco because hey, if you’re meeting someone from the internet, what safer place than the Disney Museum?

I was incredibly nervous, and found myself hiding behind my coffee and whistling throughout the entire museum (I whistle when I’m nervous). We hadn’t labeled this a date, so at that point I didn’t dare hold his hand. I mean, maybe he thought I was super weird? After the museum we decided head to Berkeley to check out the show Mortified. Unfortunately, after we both drove over there, we found out it was sold out. So we wandered around and found a great Thai food place. Things felt so natural, and I was already smitten. I’m not sure why this sticks with me so much, but I thought he was super great after the following happened…

Our food came out, and he said, “Oh, you know what I want? Some hot sauce.” He turned to ask our waitress for some, and there she was, holding the hot sauce. His face got so excited, and he quickly put it all over his food. He then looked up, looked over at the waitress, then back to me, and said, “You know what I reeeeally want? A PONY.”

Our waitress seemed to miss the memo, but I thought it was hilarious! After a few more hours of talking, my encouragement for him to hold my hand, he walked me to my car and kissed me on the cheek. Instead of being a normal person, I immediately asked, “Is that it?!”

Then he really kissed me, and if felt like my knees were butter, fireworks were in the sky, and this Mozart was playing in the background.

The rest is history I suppose. He is the perfect person for me, and I love him with all my heart!