Wiping sweat from his eyes, Sam forced his shovel deeper into the soil. With Dean on one side of town protecting victims of vengeful spirit attacks, that left Sam to salt and burn the grave.

But first you had to find the body.

A buzzing in his back pocket caught his attention. Sighing heavily, he retrieved his phone and flipped it open without glancing at the ID.


Take Our Time [CLOSED]

Godric had left Jo asleep on top of the hotel bed just a little over an hour before the sun was due to rise. As he left Hotel Carmilla, there was a faint pink hue in the sky as he rushed back to his apartment several blocks away. The effects did not start hitting him until after he was in the confines of his personal space; the place he called home even if temporarily. Godric stripped off of his clothes quickly, tossing them atypical of him on the floor and crawling beneath the sheet to allow sleep to take over

The day went by so quickly that the vampire was not entirely sure he had even gotten any sleep. Sure enough though, when he sat up in bed and peered at the clock on the bedside table, he saw that he had gotten a very decent amount of sleep. It was just past 8. 

The first thing Godric thought of when his mind began to crawl out of its cave of inactivity was Jo. Surely he should call her. He wanted to call her. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he grabbed his jacket off the floor and removed his cell phone. After locating her in his contacts he hit the button and put the device to his ear. Godric was surprised to find that there was a strange fluttering sensation in the pit of his stomach as he waited for her to answer. 

Passing the Time | Eric & Jo

He had been grinding his teeth over it for the past few minutes. They ticked by impossibly slow. Not wanting to seem too rude, Eric had tried to mask his displeasure at Godric leaving him by speaking in hasty Swedish so Jo would not understand. Godric had only glared at him and told him to leave if he felt ‘too uncomfortable to spend time with someone so nice to him’. That figured. Now he was sitting awkwardly on the couch, wondering how long it would take for Godric to return.

Five minutes had gone by without Eric saying a single word. He knew he was making Jo uncomfortable, probably even more uncomfortable than Eric was feeling; he was just feeling annoyed. This was harder than he thought, although Eric had not been trying at all to make much of an effort to get to know Jo. He simply tolerated her and her relationship with Godric for his maker’s sake. There was probably nothing to dislike about her, except that Eric knew there was something different about her. He could have left. It would only look bad in Godric’s eyes though.

Perhaps he would have to devise another plan. He could rest, go into idle mode and not respond to anything she said. That would probably look bad too… Could he text someone? He hated when people did that in company. Fuck. He was running out of ways to pass the time while making it fully obvious that he did not care for this new scenario he had found himself in. 

Trying To Explain

At Jo’s door again. Most days, this meant a pleasant evening with a bright young woman. But today…

After discovering what had happened to him over the past year, Sam had been going around and cleaning up his messes. And so he stood hesitating. Dean’d mentioned he’d come to see Jo. He couldn’t imagine what he’d done.

Tentatively, he knocked.

A New Chapter| Godric + Jo

It had been nearly a week since Godric had decided that he would move to New York to be with Jo. A part of him was absolutely terrified, but his rationale came to the rescue, assuring him that everything would be fine. It would work out. He had already packed his meager belongings in boxes, labeled them appropriately, and gave notice to his landlord that he would be moving out. The older gentleman had barely said anything when Godric gave him the last month’s rent he would pay; he suspected the man knew that he was a vampire, and didn’t particularly like it.

Making a few phone calls, Godric informed the few people who would be aware of his disappearance that he was moving out of state. After that, there really wasn’t much else for him to do. He wouldn’t be too upset to be leaving Dallas for good. 

He knew that Jo had been busy as well, finishing up the work she had been assigned to do here. It had been a few days since he had last seen here; the nightly phone calls were nice, but Godric wanted to meet up. He dialed her number quickly and put the cell phone to his ear, waiting to hear the familiar voice on the other end. 


…is now following you.

“Excuse me. Ma'am? I think you dropped this.” Sam reached down, swiping up an ornate pen initialed J.R. on the side.

Apartment Shopping | Jo - Eric

Eric had stayed away from Jo and Godric for a few nights ever since he had accidentally let slip that the two vampires had shared a lengthy sexual history. He knew that Jo had confronted Godric about it too thanks to the text he received the next night from his maker. He was in no mood to fight.

Since he was still in New York, Eric thought that it would be ideal to look for an apartment to rent. He had initially ask Godric if he wanted to help but he had come up with some excuse at the last minute; or so it seemed to Eric. He wanted someone else’s opinion though, and the only other person he currently knew in New York was Jo.

As horribly awkward as it may have been, Eric picked up the phone and dialed the number. He held the phone almost an inch from his ear, wincing at what Jo might say when she realized that it was him. Not only was he calling her out of the blue but he was asking a big favor. 

Dallas | Godric & Jo

Godric had taken Jo’s business card out of his pocket and looked at it for several moments before deciding to call her up the next night. She seemed nice enough, even though he barely knew anything about her. There was something a bit different however, something that was not present in other humans that Godric had encountered. Perhaps he was simply getting too used to the humans that inhabited Dallas.

The vampire was not at all nervous; very few things in life made him nervous anymore, but he was relieved nonetheless when Jo agreed to meet up with him. He had told her politely that he would meet her outside of Hotel Carmilla again, seeing as she did not know her way around the huge city as well as he. In another hour, Godric was walking down the sidewalk heading towards the large vampire hotel once more. He tried to avoid letting his gaze linger on its rather gaudy facade. Humans seemed to think that a Gothic style and dark colors were attractive to all vampires; such an unoriginal idea. Nothing about the hotel struck Godric as particularly beautiful, although their service was excellent. 

The ancient vampire stepped through the heavy glass door and into the overly decorated lobby. Everything was pristine as he had last seen it, but he tried to avoid looking around too much; he did not want to catch the eye of anyone who may have known him. He put his hands in his jacket pockets, standing off to the far side of the lobby and waiting to spot Jo. 

Collide || High School AU

                    The sound of the first bell rang in his ears. God how he hated that fucking sound. Seriously, it pierced into his dreams while he was at home changing them to nightmares. Wade slammed his locker shut after grabbing the few things that he had for class. It was nearing the end of the first week of the new school year. Sophomore year had just begun and he was already wanting it to be over.

                   “So let me tell you something kid,” he feels a large arm slip around his shoulders and he knew that it was Logan trying to spew something into his ear about practice after class or some party that was coming up this weekend. He may have been well acclimated to the popular scene that most of the football players were in after being in it since Freshman year, but he still couldn’t wrap his mind around how there managed to be a party for any and every event that happened. Someone on the cheerleading squad passed a math test? Party. Someone managed to not get a concussion at the game that Friday? Party. A cheerleader wasn’t pregnant? Party.

                   “This weekend, after the scrimmage on Friday, Vanessa is having a thing, and I know that you’ve been staring at her ass in that lovely, little cheer skirt. And wouldn’t it turn out that she told me personally to invite you,” he says. The smile on Logan’s face is wide and he looks at Wade waiting for an answer. Wade shrugs his shoulder. Crazy Vanessa wasn’t someone that he wanted to get involved with at the moment. But the promise of free drinks was something that he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t pass up.

                   Eventually he nodded at his friend. “Fine. Fine. Because we definitely didn’t know how crazy Vanessa is over the Summer, let’s definitely go to her party.” Wade stops in the hall, causing Logan to move to stand in front of him. “You must be blind if you think that I’m looking at her during practices, because that girl is a bag full of cats crazy and after this summer I don’t wanna have anything to do with it.” There’s an eye roll from Logan and he huffs out a breath before groaning.

                   “Fine. But you fuck up anything I got going with her friend and I will literally be the end of you, Wilson.” Wade narrows his eyes and laughs. “Mhm. Shut up and walk me to class, big man.” The pair made their way to their chemistry class, taking two seats in the back of the room.


It was, quite literally, a dark and stormy night.

Rain poured down from the heavens in a torrent, slopping the world in a matter of moments. Wind kicked up from the East biting into anything it came in contact with. A lone figure sloshed along the pavement, his jacket wrapped harshly around him, his arms held tight to himself trying to keep warm. A passerby with a light would have noted a pronounced crimson stain on his left side, but the night was dark and the streets were deserted. Finally, the lone figure climbed a set of familiar steps. Several years had gone by since he’d last found himself in the door he stood shivering at now.  Quickly, he knocked on the door, all the while suppressing a pained cough.

Who Are You Again? | thevikingnorthman + jorohart

New York. New fucking York. It was across the country if you counted it vertically. States away and a long trip to get there from Louisiana, which Eric was bound to by civic duty. He had known for some time that Godric didn’t particularly enjoy spending his time in Dallas, but he had secretly hoped that when he did finally move, he would come to Shreveport to be closer to him. To get a call informing him that this inevitable move to New York shocked Eric to say the least.

It was unlike his maker, in his later years, to go places on a whim. He had no obvious reason to be in New York, so why now? Eric was miffed, and that feeling had not subsided over the mere day he had let himself sleep on it. He had spent too much time pondering why Godric would want to go to New York, as a reason was not given in the phone call, and Eric had been too dumb-founded to probe. He hoped this wasn’t another misguided stunt. None of the odd pieces of the puzzle Eric had collected fit together properly; there was still too much missing. There had to have been a very real reason why his maker would move even farther away. Which was why Eric decided to find out for himself.

Getting to New York would be the least of his problems, the biggest being accepting the reason when he found out what it was. He couldn’t help but take it personally. The city was big yes, and it had gotten even bigger since the last time Eric had been there. Even walking the lonely streets at night made him cringe; he hated it here, and knowing it was the place that currently kept his maker occupied made Eric hate it even more. 

He knew Godric wasn’t going to like it, but Eric wanted to surprise his dear misplaced maker. 

The rest of Novembers intake

“—Have you any idea what the melting point of magnesium is–”

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Part of your world

The weather had been rough above the sea. Although he had been so deep down Steven had felt it. The whirls, the thunder, the waves. It wasn’t easy to resist the urge to swim upwards, just to get a glimpse of that wonderful thing what happened on the sky (or how did they call the big blue thing above them?) during such a storm. But he knew that it was too dangerous. Every creature under the sea knew about it. 

So he just sat back and waited until the storm was over, until he could feel the power behind it getting less. Curiously he moved, swimming up, his head dashing through the surface and he took a careful breath, for his lungs to get used to the fresh oxygen in comparison to the oxygen down in the water.

To Find a Friendly Face || Jo + Clara

The streets of London were either extremely busy, or practically empty with a few possibly unfriendly faces smoking under the overhangs of entrances to buildings. Clara counted herself lucky that while making her way through the Soho area - where the most undesirable people tended to be - the streets were for once, empty. She just wanted to get to the magazine shop she liked and back home without the need of fear for being followed, or without catching some random man stare at her out of the corner of her eye.

Clara shoved her hands in her pockets, turning down the next narrow road, where only a handful of people seemed to be lurking - well, some were actually lurking, but there were a few walking, going about their business for the day. That was when Clara caught sight of something a little… off. A woman walking on the other side of the road to her, seemed to actually be followed by three men. Clara frowned. The street itself was near enough silent and narrow enough to hear anything the men might be saying. Going by their not-so-whispered whispers, they had unspeakable intentions. She slowed down her pace, then crossed the street so that she was walking behind said trio, and consequently the woman too.

I'm not a recruitment officer.

Rhodey looked to everyone, giving a slight nod to Tony before addressing the others. “It’s nice to meet you all, I am Colonel James Rhodes. If you are interested in joining the Air Force or any armed service for that matter, I ask that you go to your local recruitment center, and not to me.” He stated, his head tilting back a bit as he regarded the rest.

Fatalist Palmistry| @jorohart

Waking up in a bed that wasn’t his own was a pretty normal occurrence for Johnny Storm. As he pulled himself out of the plush beige color bed, his sleep addled mind wondered where he was. It wasn’t until he reached the large window in the living room and stared out over the city that he remembered he was in Stark Tower. Some kind of superhero conference, yadda, yadda.

It didn’t take him long to get showered but getting dressed was a different matter entirely. He wandered his little suite in a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt, if he remembered right there was a press conference later that night. No sense getting all dressed up hours before he had to be anywhere.