anonymous said:

Hi I'm just actually curious, what are The Creatures and what's going on?

These are the Creatures


They have one of the most lovely and funny YouTube channels out there on the internet, called the Creature Hub and they make shorts and play video games and they’ve been around since 2011-ish. (they’re my favorite yt channel)

They’re wonderful human beings who would never hurt anyone or anything.

Today, Jordan (Kootra, the one in the red hat in the picture) was streaming CS:GO, at their office, and some prick decided it would be funny to “SWAT” him. Swatting is when someone is streaming (on Twitch) and one of the people watching calls 911 or some form of emergency phone line and gives them the person’s address (who’s streaming) and tells the emergency line that something bad is going on there (i.e. a bomb threat, a shooting, hostages, etc) in order to get a SWAT team called on the person streaming.

For some reason, some people think this is funny. I have no idea who could ever think this is funny, but apparently some people do. It’s seriously fucked up.

Basically, Jordan was arrested and so was Dan (the one all the way to the right in the picture), but Dan was pretty much immediately released. Jordan didn’t get “released” until way later and is still talking to investigators, apparently.

Everyone was super worried because the SWAT guys treated Jordan like absolute shit when they were originally arresting him. There’s video and pictures (because the stream was taken down immediately) but we’ve been asked to not share them, so I won’t.

Now everyone’s worried because this might throw a wrench into some of the things the Creatures are doing (or were/are planning on doing). Everything’s pretty much up in the air right now and I, for one, am still very worried.