Jooney-Street Niggas Ft. Buddah


Day 28: The Delta Force

I don’t want to boil some jealousy here… Hehe.

Being at the PA gave me an opportunity to be blessed with friends who are extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong… I have really good friends from the ‘97, '99, '01. I have great stories to share with everybody about my friendships with the other classes.

But these guys from '98 (Delta Coy)… I have the most epic stories ever.

Sir Jooney - until now, I feel sorry for leaving SPB. For the past 3 months I was able to work with you, I knew you are capable of initiating change. I am very excited with the future projects you have planned to do for OG5. I would’ve loved to stay and help you implement all those projects but I know you understand my situation. For that, I also admire your kindness and good heart. Thank you very much. Thank you also for your kids and the joy they bring whenever they are in the office. Best wishes to the team. Looking forward to work with you again… (If ever). :)

Sir Noki - is my Acting Chief during the transitionary stage of change of Chiefs of SPB. He was able to juggle two branches and provided support to the branch. Sir Noki, you still owe me Ramen. Haha. Thank you for also giving me dental discounts. Hehe. Wishing you all the best with your family’s future plans. God bless!

Sir Mulong - I miss all our philosophical debates and your love advices. I learned so much during the short time I was under your leadership. Keep the fire burning inside of you. Keep the passion in your work. Best wishes.

Sir Domeng - Maj Domingo is a good friend of mine. I can say anything to him, and he can say anything to me. Because he is a good friend and I’m comfortable saying anything to him, I feel like some of things I say are bad jokes for an officer. Haha. But I’m glad he’s cool with it. Sir Ben, thank you for blessing me with some of your perks. Haha! You are a kind man. Stay cool and #hangloose