@Jun2daKAY Our Jjoon-hyung Gyuri-noona Jungjin-hyung are the best^^ Came to the opening party although we contacted them last-minute #CAFE #THESTREET

Translated by fyjypnation

Yo~ My lil 2pm Bros just opened up “the Street” cafe/Wine bar/restaurant in ChongDamDong~! Its a cool place with nice ambiance~! Ya’ll should check it out when in Seoul!^^ Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil bro Taec!!!^^

[141228] Ep 53 preview[Jeju Island Year-end Special] Jung Joon Young is making it explode high notes early in the morning! An extraordinary “fresh voice squeezing” rocker who all of a sudden sings during recording~ Jung Joon Young who sings with his face, you can see his image later at broadcast~