Jang Na Ra thanks Jung Joon Young for his support and promises to treat him to a meal


Jang Na Ra thanked her ‘stargazer’ aka fanboy Jung Joon Young for promoting her dramas!

During an interview at a cafe in Mapogu, Seoul on the 12th, Jang Na Ra commented on her fanboy, singer Jung Joon Young, “I met Jung Joon Young once on a radio show. I am really thankful and he worked so hard to promote my drama. I was really so thankful… I thought, ‘How is there a youngster like that?’… To be honest, I don’t know him well and we have a large age gap, but he kept mentioning [my drama] on the radio and he promoted it on the level of advertisements on broadcast. Honestly, I heard that affection suddenly comes and goes after becoming a celebrity, and I felt that a lot this time… I want to say that I am really thankful to that friend. I promised him that I would treat him to a meal. I will definitely treat him.”

Jung Joon Young proves that being a fan pays off!

Source: Allkpop