julia be like “multiple takes of the johnlock kiss tho” but i’m like what if ben and martin have both been imagining it in their heads ever since they were told it would eventually become canon and so when they do it first time it’s perfect even moffat and gatiss like gasp and are like fuck

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hEY. I think I am missing something. I'm seeing all these posts about Johnlock about to be canon and I'm wondering why everyone is saying that. Did something happen? jdshfdsjzhfs I need to know before I fangirl.

Well as you probably know (but maybe not), Sherlock just won emmys for best writing, best actor (ben c), and best supporting actor (martin). So basically people are excited because Sherlock is getting massive critical acclaim for both its writing and acting even though a lot of casual viewers found series 3 to be poorly planned and poorly written in terms of character development. HOWEVER (and this is just my opinion but I believe a lot of others hold the same one), to those that believe Johnlock will eventually become canon, series 3 is just the next logical step in that story so seeing it get so much critical acclaim somewhat cements the idea that the writers are planning to make johnlock canon. Not to mention that now that Sherlock has won awards in pretty all its categories, canonical johnlock would be an even bigger step regarding queer representation in popular media.

(I just typed this up in like 2 minutes because I need to take a quiz so if anyone along the lines of joolabee, thealogie, or wsswatson would like to make more sense of my babbling please do!)

you guys remember that post joolabee made about steve jumping on the grenade and how that was what made him so great?? well apparently that post inspired me so much that i learned to cross-stitch just to express my emotions. i’ve been working on this since mid january and finished it last night! i need to iron out the wrinkles and i can still see mistakes but i’m so so so proud of and happy with it. for real, guys.

( hamptonxoliver this is the cross-stitch i told you about that one time!!)



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