Did any see the side-butt move Hakyeon did when they asked him what sexy move can he show? I am not the only one who’s imagining things maybe I am But it’s Eunyoung signature move in her rap!

I seriously think theres something there. Dating? I think so? They obviously are really attracted to each other and like each other in some way I can’t really explain. Just theres this magnetic force chemistry going on whenever they appeared in the same screen. I don’t think I ever really see it among idols.

-Theres basically hearts in Hakyeon’s eyes when it was Eunyoung’s turn to dance.

-Hakyeon once said his ideal type is someone like Miss A Fei, I see that in Eunyoung. I also see his favorite member of KARA (Nicole) in Eunyoung because they both have bright personalities.

-He once said his ideal type is someone sensible. I can vouch for that, if I could find the gif of when she says ,”Rather than want to date him, I’d be happier and want to see him meet someone better than me,” …SENSIBLE

- Eunyoung is freaking gorgeous.

- Eunyoung said she likes guys with no eyelids, someone with a piercing charisma (like Joon) and someone opposite of a pretty boy, like a special charm. duh. N!

-He is so possesive despite it just being a dance. No one can have her. I’ve watched probably every single couple up kpop show thing but I’ve never seen a guy pull a girl away twice during dance time. Is she really yours only yours?

-They are so cute together. Ugh I can’t even