Jonny ruins Kicked Up Pumps

sorry for the pausing but I like how it turned out

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Crystallised, original song by the xx, cover by me :) Don’t know if I’ve already posted this but ah well. If you like please like. If you don’t give me some hate asks trolololol :p

I know I speed up terribly in this cover and yes I got a text half way through recording, but other than that - your thoughts?


It doesn’t really matter how someone comes across on stupid mediums such as tumblr. They may constantly make jokes, turn serious topics into jokes because they’re uncomfortable or because they just want people to think that they are a funny, nice person. But you don’t really know the person sitting behind that computer screen. Maybe the people they’re close to don’t even know them that well.

Here’s some things you probably never guessed about me. I used to be both emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically abused by my own mother. I used to deal with this by resorting to self harm. I have attempted suicide on one occasion.

If you act strong and confident, people will believe that you are those things.

This isn’t always a good thing, it means that people can deeply hurt or upset you without meaning it that way.

Fragility is bred from vulnerability. Self hatred is bred from years of being told that you are ignorant, selfish, nasty, evil.

So that’s the painful truth.


Jonny ruins I Miss You

enjoy :)


Jonny ruins Only Ones Who Know


I tried

A big hello to ya'll

Got tons of followers kinda recently (5 is a lot ok!), don’t know why, probably ‘cos I got great skills with a bo staff. Some things you should know:

  • I’m a colossal geek; interested in warhamster, science, fantasy shizzle, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e, pc games and most things nerdy. So expect those posts most.
  • I tend to 'like’ a lot… sorry if it gets annoying :3
  • I like to talk and shizzle on this, sorry if strangers on the internet isn’t your thing. And I apologize if I don’t respond to every reply, I’m often on my phone on this like a true addict, and the copy pasta is harda on the phona.
  • I think I’m incredible, and so should you! No, not me, yourself. You’re fucking brilliant. And noone can argue with that.
  • I may call you darling, if so DON’T PANIC!

Anyways, thought I’d say hi to ya’ll with the picture of me in a (really fucking nice) suit:


Did a cover of Yellow by the coldestplay

I think I did okay in it :)

mind the mic doesn’t pick up the bass very well but yeah