Doctor Who Series 7: The Power Of Three

Latest “slice” of my poster for this series from Episode 4. 

As it was the invasion of the tiny cubes, I have dotted a few cubes around the poster. I also changed the title font to be the one Series 7 uses, although they use the bold version. I also added some names on there too, to make it more film-poster-ish.

As there is no Doctor Who now until Christmas, I will be uploading the next section same time next week, then I may do some tweaking from now until Christmas. We shall see!

And as you have probably heard me say a few times, you can pre-order this poster still from my store, or just click the picture to be magically whisked away.

Thank you for all the love and tumbling of last weeks design! Let me know what you make of this weeks and the design so far either on my Facebook, Ask Box, or Tweet.



Poster Sale Day 2! 

So far I’ve got 6 posters that are Sold Out, including Inspector Spacetime A3, Lion King A3, Doctor Who Series 5 A3 and others.

All A3 posters are still only £4, and some A2 posters are £8! After that I doubt I will be selling a lot of them again, to make room for some potential new designs coming in the new year. This all lasts until midnight on Sunday, UK time.