I did a simple Follow Anyday today, with this horrible picture of Jonghyun shirtless, hope you don’t mind ~keke

These are all the blogs i love, like really love, they’re all amazing and i always stalk them and they’re all niceu too, so please follow them all. (◕‿◕✿)

Sorry if i forgot anyone, i love all the blogs i follow so don’t mind if you’re not here ok? ^^

jongsmirk's follow 2011! ♥

these blogs are almost all that i follow, and i love their blogs and personalities very much, so go check out their blogs! they’re arranged in ascending order of how long i’ve been following them, and sorry if i missed you out or misspelled your url, and this font makes some of the urls look weird sorry! i don’t really talk to most of them, but these blogs make me enjoy tumblr and SHINee, and i hope you will love their blogs too! 

2011 is ending soon, let’s all have a great 2012 next year! (✿◠‿◠) 

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blinger3 | jongliette | taerminator | freakfuck | taeriyakey | awesomaticrobotronic | onmi | koralblue | jinkichi | shineekingdom | viplairnotyet | masterk3y | myfictionisthelucifer | shineecstasy | forgettoall | jjonguns | onpout | tasteslikebuttons | thereversesideofryo | begastar | dudulinworld | nishijou | didence-e-e-e | youliah | sleepyheaded | keyhorr | ohatoms | fqzpocky | jonqhyun | keyism | lostlittlelam | hyunique | sachia | littleshinee | ktjdramaluver | ishipthereforeiam | taebutts | lushipeo | taeloc | choiminhos | meankeys | tealightfuls | meroho | quiet-heartbeats |

On an unrelated note; I messed up on at least two names on this list, because I’m dumb. /cries


okay~~ where should i start from? aaahh~ happy birthday baby! i am so so glad we’ve met each other here! gosh, but for real! i love talking to you, you are such an amazing person! soulmate yeah~ and you are one of my precious babies here
and omg our last conversations *cough cough* unnie likes them~ yeah and i am so sorry for the lame gifs but uh i can’t photoshop, you know that, lmao. anyway i guess every gif would be perefct for you if it’s jonghyun~~ㅋㅋㅋ
okay i should stop now cause i have already said a lot lol
i love you baby~ just be happy! that’s the most important thing. if you will be happy, everything will be fine and all your dreams will come true~ happy birthday eli

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okay so Elinor is forcing me to post this…

well it’s just my voice and my bad english tbh, she asked me to record my voice while saying i love her idk why tbh and now she wants me to post it

i think it’s one of the most awkward thing ever

okay i’ll stop now.

oo8. jongliette

Today’s recommended blog:

Recommending another blinger, because I love my blinger babies. 8D

Eli is a beautiful blinger with amazing artistic skills. She’s so sweet, and so kind to everyone, and I am truly humbled that she decided to follow me back when I was just starting out on tumblr.

If you’re a blinger, she’s a must-follow. If you’re a shawol, then the same applies… you would only gain to follow her.

This girl will make your little shawol heart very happy. ♥

Plus today is her birthday, so go wish her a happy one! :3