Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 20
  • J:I used to cry a lot since I was young. my mother used to say 'you're a guy, why are you crying like this?'
  • J:then i asked "so guys aren't humans?" and cried even more
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  • J:(I was told not to cry so) I probably said that feeling that it was unfair but it seemed like my mom felt differently. That's right, humans have to cry. That's why, after that I was taught to be honest with expressing my feelings as I grew up, so I'm the kind to be honest with expressing my feelings.
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140920 Blue Night

Jonghyun: Since I was young, I had lots of tears, so she (my mother) said “Ohhh you’re a boy but why do you cry like that?”. She probably said that while feeling frustrated. That’s why I cried even more while saying “Aren’t boys human?”

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140920 Twitter Update: Minhyuk
[English] @MR_KANGGUN: Can’t Stop Tour in Manila went very well. Even with the heavy rain, but the supports from fans make it hot, we really thank you so much! And to those who cannot come because of the rain, we promise that we’ll come again next time! Thank you.

[Spanish] @MR_KANGGUN: Can‘t Stop Tour en Manila estuvo muy bueno. Incluso con la fuerte lluvia, el apoyo de las fans calentó el ambiente, así que les agradecemos tremendamente! Y para los que no pudieron venir debido a la lluvia, les prometemos que volveremos en una próxima oportunidad! Gracias.

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