150506 Jonghyun Instagram & Weibo Update
[Eng Trans] @cnbluegt: Wow - really sunny weather
@leejonghyun90: Well, hello!

[Spanish] @cnbluegt:  Wow - clima realmente soleado
@leejonghyun90: Bueno, Hola!

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jongtaeshinee asked:

Jongtae / Taemin helping Jonghyun with his choreography for BASE

“Which songs will you actually be needing choreography for?” Taemin asks, rolling up his sleeves. He tosses a lazy look over to Jonghyun, who’s squatting over by the stereo, sweatpants hanging nicely off his hips, giving the maknae a great view as the elder fiddles with the aux cord. 

“Uh,” Jonghyun hums, before he selects “Déjà-boo” and it begins to thrum through the practice room. He can’t talk and mess with his phone at the same time, so Taemin has to wait until he hits pause on it for a response from the elder. “This one and ‘Hallelujah.’”

Ah, yes. A smile begins to work its way onto Taemin’s face, because, well. 

Leave it to Jonghyun to let his boyfriend help choreograph two of the sexiest songs on his solo album. “How am I gonna choreograph a song that’s literally about me? Don’t you think that’s a bit awkward?”

Jonghyun blinks at him. “I didn’t say it was about you.”

“It is, though. Which is why the song will be composed primarily of body rolls and hip thrusts.”

The singer scowls. 

Taemin just laughs, walks over to drape himself haphazardly over the elder. “Let’s get started, hyung~”