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It was a valiant effort.@ah_michael


Unforgiven sneak peek


Everyone's all 'oh no why is he lying why doesnt he just tell her already' and ok you know why he's not telling her? because this is from his pirating days— even in the way he said 'pirating' you can hear the shame in his voice because he doesn't like talking about that part of himself with her. We know this thing with Ursula was something bad he did when he was 18-19 and likely very soon after Liam's death— another thing he doesn't like talking about. He doesn't want to tell her about something bad he did in his past because he's worked SO hard to be a good man for Emma and to change and he's AFRAID that if she learns about his history with Ursula she's not going to think he's a good man anymore, not going to think he's a hero or worthy of her so he wants to just brush it off because he's tried so hard to not be a pirate anymore that if she finds out one more bad thing about how he used to be she might see him differently, might not want to be with him anymore, etc (obviously one thing he did when he was a teenager isnt going to stop her from loving him (which from this scene she VERY OBVIOUSLY DOES) but this is Killian, insecure, low self-esteem Killian Jones. 


It was a valiant effort @ah_michael