"So he went to jail that night. The next day, we’re playing Rock AM Ring in front of 90,000 people in Germany. And then he starts sweating, and he never took a shower since he got maced. We hear the drums going out - drums are missing and we’re like "What the heck?" We look back, and he can’t see. All the mace is in his eyes. It was like he got maced again. It’s such a Jimmy story. It’s so ridiculous." - M. Shadows

Johnny Christ pic entry!

here the contest starts!
the rules to take part in it are very simple:

  • contest ends May 11th, midnight PST
  • you must be following me (in the end it’s to celebrate my loyal and wonderful +1k followers)
  • you can like or reblog, both count
  • winners will be chosen by a random generator
  • by reblogging/liking this entry you have a chance to win a pic of Johnny Christ from the European httk-tour
  • I can ship worldwide so everybody can enter

I hope this answers every question you would have and if not, send me a message!
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