Against my deeply internalized sense of guilt, I made a Patreon!   Check it out if you’re interested!  I’m starting off small with the reward tiers until I have more to offer!

I’ve hesitated to post about it here because I don’t have much work posted, but here it is!  If you’ve ever felt like throwing money at me to help me support myself making work, now you can!

You can also get this exclusive desktop wallpaper!!


Ash Senpai on Vine

Jon: [stealthily tries to leave Sock on a bench]

Sock: [notices and gets up] No, Jonathan, come back!

Jon: [starts running] No!

Sock: Come back!

Jon: [sobbing] Leave me alone!!


Dio Brando Part 2 - Stardust Crusaders: Battle In Egypt

Sry for the long sudden hiatus!! And I hope you guys like the collection of Dio eyes I took from this week’s episode! :3