1999 local news segment from Ithica, NY, which includes the gem “…but he’s probably best known as Craig Kilborn’s replacement…” 


A Daily Show throwback | 2005.05.09 | Guest: Matt Lauer

YES to that! A thousand times yes!

I’ve always loved that Jon stays humble, not knowing what to say - and sometimes even looking uncomfortable - when guests praise him. And that’s ok, it totally should stay that way, because it never gets to his head and he takes nothing for granted. And that’s why he’s loved and respected.

But thank God the guests praise him from time to time, if only to voice the general sentiment. He should definitely be on the greatest lists.

There are at least six different women that when I see pictures of them or work they’ve done I just scream “QUEEN” because I love and adore them in every way, but there’s only one human being that makes me go “KING” and that’s Jon Stewart I’m so happy with my life choices.