Holy sh*t, on the Daily Show tonight they had Jessica Williams doing a “Hunger Games” piece mocking the media for covering the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend instead of the Baltimore situation.

Click the play button above to watch, Williams comes on at the 6:10 min point and the whole segment is awesome.


While Washington’s “best and brightest” were busy wining and dining at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday, thousands of protestors were storming the streets of Baltimore just 40 miles away. If you were tuned into CNN that day, there’s a chance you may have missed the news entirely.

While Washington’s “best and brightest” were wining and dining, a violent protest was happening just 40 miles away

The Rally... press conference


Until last night, I had not seen the press conference Jon and Stephen did following their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30, 2010.

And as could be expected, most things Jon said were so relevant. Below are some quotes I like from that conference.

Our currency is not this town’s currency. We’re not running for anything. We don’t have a constituency. We do television shows for people who like them […] I understand you guys have… it’s all about who’s winning and who’s losing and the strategy of this and the players and that… but we have TV shows and we wanted to do a really good show for people that took the time to come out and see us. I feel like we accomplished it.

About writing his speech for the rally:
I just stayed up late last night. And wrote ‘til I was done. That was about it. Just wanted to speak a little bit from the heart.

(And it’s a GREAT speech. Read it here.)

The boundaries that we set for ourselves are based on our own sense of human decency. Not based on some preordained category of people who are allowed to speak seriously… people that must only speak in jokes or only speak in rhyme… Our shows are just a reflection of our points of view. I’m not exactly sure why they are lanes.

I don’t think there’s any interview that I’ve ever done that I don’t leave going 'I wish I’d done that better’. […] In the moment, I enjoy conversation. Our interviews are obviously the most erratic portion of our show, because those are the most spontaneous and the least structured. But they can be the most revelatory. […] The joy of it is in the trying.

About being “just” a comedian:
By the way, when people say I’m “a comedian”… That’s not “I’m just a comedian”. I’m really proud to be a comedian. I think it’s hard. I think it’s hard to distill your most valued thoughts into comedy and let things that you feel strongly about be the subtext for what you create. […] I’ll defend what we do on the show, and if turns out to be something that we’re wrong about, I’ll correct it and say we screwed up… But that’s not a dodge. That’s pride.


Elizabeth signing autographs for fans after her appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


I saw this video and was all like “SWEET, Meryl and Ava being badass about feminist filmmaking, with some other lady” and within minutes Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy had stolen the whole show.  The moment where she looks right in Jon Stewart’s eyes and says, “I enjoy making men uncomfortable” is MADE OF WIN.  Seriously, all of these ladies are BAMFs and I could watch this a million times, but this is Sharmeen’s show and I’m really glad I now know who she is.  SERIOUSLY, WATCH THIS VIDEO, HAVE ALL THE FEMINIST ARTIST FEELS AND THEN GO MAKE SOMETHING.