if you don’t like the Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart “feud” because it’s “not good for Seth’s career”, please shut the fuck up and have several fucking seats.

Jon Stewart is one of the funniest talk show hosts and a lot…a lot of people (myself included) watch The Daily Show, and trust me, this is the good publicity Seth needs.

So, yes it is good for his career because after that nude scandal, he’s been looked at in the worst possible light and this little feud with Jon Stewart is honestly what he needs

and it’s going to be funny, so don’t make yourself miserable during it…just enjoy it

Q: Who are your biggest comedic influences?

A: "Jon Stewart always has been […] Jon has been really helpful on a personal level for sifting through all the noise. All over the world, you have stories of comedians becoming politicians or something more important because they’re speaking the truth. It’s nice to make people laugh, but it feels like a higher level of comedy to make people think and to effect change."

- Jena Friedman, Field Producer at The Daily Show | Source

Who should get Jon Stewart’s job? Jessica freaking Williams

On Tuesday evening, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart surprised everyone by announcing his plans to leave the desk he’s manned for the past 16 years. The unexpected vacancy has left many to wonder who will replace the late-night icon, but the person best suited to sit in the anchor chair might be right under our noses: Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams.

5 reasons she’s perfect for it

With all of this reshuffling of mainstream late-night hosts, one thing’s certain: It’s time for a female host, one who will have more female guests and discuss more issues that directly impact women. Because although over half the population is female, there are still no female hosts on network late night television.

Jon Stewart’s first day on The Daily Show.