Inside the Sweet Life of a Chocolatier with @compartes

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For Los Angeles chocolatier Jonathan Grahm (@compartes), the art of crafting sweets has been a lifelong project. As he explains, “I love chocolate. I think up recipes in my dreams and have a little book next to my bed where I write down flavor combinations.”

Jonathan first started making chocolate at the age of 15 and, driven by his passion, purchased a chocolate shop nine years later. Despite having no formal training, he has grown Compartes into an international brand producing small batches of over 200 different—and often unexpected—flavors.

In creating recipes ranging from blackberry sage to “Old Hollywood” (dark chocolate with smoked sea salt), inspiration often comes from Los Angeles itself: its traditions, its people and especially its farmers markets, where Jonathan finds and shares photos of the freshest ingredients. “I go to the Farmers Market on a Sunday, and on Monday morning at 10 AM when we open, there are people waiting to get the flavor of chocolate that I made with the ingredients that I was picking up.”

Channeling his upbringing and experiences in the city, Jonathan has ultimately molded Compartes into a reflection of himself: “It’s my world, likes, loves, passions and ideas spread out onto chocolate. The future only gets bigger and brighter—and more delicious—from here.”

Emma and her magic speculation

So Emma is going through a “Elsa crisis” and while I expect everyone to be trying to help her, the one person to be her biggest supporter, telling her to embrace everything that she is, includer magic is very much Killian…

I do expect Killian to get hit by something, somehow„ Emma’s magic hurting him (if that’s linked to her past, and how she did hurt someone in her foster families, that could explain a few things and it would honestly kill me/)

And slowly, Killian could be dying, much like Anna is, and no matter what she tries, Emma can’t save him, until Killian “dies”, protecting Emma once again, and Emma holds her dying pirate, crying because he can’t go too, he can’t leave her when she wants to go on more dates with him, and because she needs to open her heart to him and how he told her he would wait for her, he can’t leave her.

True love magic happens, and Emma’s magic saves him, his love saves them, and he comes back to her.

Because he always does.