dumb ken walking away with his chair causing hyeri to burst out in laughter

It happens every night when he goes to sleep. The moment he closes his eyes, he dreams of another reality where everything is much more lighter, literally—and pastel.

au meme: hostage!myungsoo + suzy as his unknowing girlfriend

"You only have one phone call, make it count," Myungsoo’s kidnapper advised him. Myungsoo relayed Suzy’s number and felt the phone press against his ear. With each ring of the impending call, his heartbeat began to quicken. He had to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall as soon as the call was redirected to her voicemail. It didn’t surprise him, seeing as she hadn’t answered all day, but it was much more painful this time around. ‘Don’t cry. This is for her own safety,’ he told himself.

"Suji-ah…" he started, "I… I’m going to be going somewhere far away… Please don’t contact me or try look for me. I don’t know when I’m going to come back… It could take me weeks, months, years… I might not even come back at all," Myungsoo breathed deeply, trying to steady his shaky voice, "But Suji-ah, be sure to live sparingly and don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary problems, okay? Don’t give your parents any trouble and keep doing well in your studies. Don’t let anyone take your smile away, okay? Promise me."

It was a selfish decision, but Myungsoo wasn’t scared. He knew that he was saving her life by volunteering to be taken in her stead; she wouldn’t have made it, otherwise. He knew what he was getting himself into. But as the phone was being pulled away from him, he only regretted not telling her that he loved her one last time before he was sent through the dark chambers to disappear forever.