i want to write the kind of short stories you read in english class that are on this weird level of surrealism that they still haunt you years down the road

but when lauren looks at camila like she’s the best thing








to her



anonymous said:

You are totes popular!!!! ACCEPT IT AND SHUSH YOUR FACE!!!! Also, the nervousness may be due to your professional look, GIF making and threatening to eat people. XD


Am not! Yes, I eat people but you all know I kid right? RIGHT?! Don’t be intimidated by me. I’m a really gentle creature. ;)

I was certain I’d be attracted to teenagers for the rest of my life. I turned 18 and was like: shit, I’m never going to like older men. This is bad, I’m going to be an 84 year old cougar woman hanging out by high schools.

But then Achievement Hunter happened. I’m so glad they saved me from my sad and possibly illegal fate. 

technickelted said:

Don't know anything about Homestuck? My poor dear friend...

I know a lot of peripheral things about it!

I just haven’t actually engaged the source material.

I know it’s very good—it’s just too long for me to get into now. I might someday do the YouTube “Let’s Read Homestuck” thing.

But I have to wait until Cassie graduates or leaves Columbia because I’ll just never hear the end of it. Same goes with Janna.

ok my dad was like super concerned with me going to bed at like 11 last night (when I regularly went to bed around that time during school) but isn’t the least bit surprised when I told him I woke up at 7 this morning on my own and couldn’t go back to sleep. like what.

my favorite thing to do back when haji was still working was text her right when i knew she walked through the door for her breaks and scare the shit out of her.

she still questions if i have psychic abilities to this day