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ill cheer for denmark for u

There’s really no need to, we are horrible with winter sports because no mountains and not enough snow and ice to practice in XD We’ll have our comeback come summer olympics though with handball, badminton and sail sports

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yES THE SAME SHIPS except i never knew about sanji/usopp wow must look into that. Also, isn’t Luffy known to be asexual in canon??

You see your fair share of things when tracking certain tags XD Next after ZoSan which takes up like 90% of the tag there’s also the occasional Sanji/Usopp -Nods- Yeah I mean, he doesn’t react to Hancock’s powers at all even though she has the power to enthral both men and women @_@ But there’s still people shipping Luffy and various other characters, to me that just doesn’t work because Luffy doesn’t take any interest in sexual endeavours. As long as he has his food and adventures he’s satisfied