• Bartender:I was here when cerberus attacked and I don't remember seeing you.
  • Joker:You see, I was down at the docking bay by C-Sec headquarters...
  • Joker:Shit, Cerberus!
  • Cerberus:Haha! It's Joker! He can barely walk! How's he going to stop us?
  • Joker:Like this.
  • Joker:It's jokin' time.
  • Joker:And that's pretty much how it happened which is why you should comp my drinks.
  • Bartender:No.

Joker/Camilla C

Camilla: But from now on, I’ll be looking after Kamui, so could you please take care of the others?

Joker: …….. No, I cannot let you bear such a burden. Do not worry, I will continue to look after Kamui, now and forever.

Camilla: …… Are you deaf? I will look after Kamui.

Joker: No need, I can look after Kamui by myself.

Camilla: Are you planning on having Kamui all to yourself?

Joker: I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by that

Camilla: Ghh… I won’t let you have Kamui…

Joker/Camilla B

Camilla: What do you even know about Kamui!? I’ve even been in the bath with them once!

Joker: Hah. I have washed their backs in the bath.

Camilla: When we were kids, we even slept in the same bed once!

Joker: Whenever Kamui couldn’t sleep, we’d spend the whole night talking.

Camilla: L-listen to my orders! I will take care of Kamui!

Joker: I am terribly sorry, but I only listen to what master Kamui says. So I will continue to look after Kamui like I have done in the past.


Updated the Joker’s supports compilation list with few more new translations. Credits belong to the original translators.

Also…I just need to leave this here….

Joker/Pieri C-rank

Pieri: Pieri will kill you! I hate you so much.

Joker: Give up. I can make tea and murder.


Someone please give this man Oscar for Best Sass Performance. And his support with Camilla is just pure gem.