OK, Tumblr, I know this is something you'd be good at so listen up. And REBLOG THIS. IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE I SWEAR.

Jeep is donating $1 to the USO for every new tweet with the hashtag “#joinOSR” today. I’m willing to bet money that if you have a tumblr, you have a twitter. So get on it. It has to be a NEW tweet. Retweeting someone WILL NOT WORK. Quoting their tweet will, but simply retweeting does NOT work. Either way, you’re all creative. I’m sure you can find your own ways to incorporate the hashtag into your tweet.

For those unaware, the USO is a private, nonprofit organization that works to support and entertain the troops overseas and help out the families that they left behind. The men and women who go do these things are risking their lives for your freedom. The least you could do is tweet this little hashtag and donate someone else’s money. You don’t have to support the war, but you should support our troops.

At an amazing facility that @The_USO has created for wounded, ill and disabled troops and their families to volunteer, and celebrate Operation SAFE Return

#JoinOSR (at Fort Belvoir USO Warrior And Family Care Center)

15.) Intruding on Culture

In digging deeper on the Jeep Super Bowl commercial, I followed the link on the video Here I found some pretty interesting and very moving stuff. The Operation Safe Return acknowledges that Jeep was there to bring troops out into battle and now it is there to bring them safely home. The commercial that aired during the Super Bowl was one of three videos that is promoting this movement. On the site Jeep states that they will donate $1 to the S.A.F.E Return Fund for every tweet with the #joinOSR. The S.A.F.E Return Platform includes secure transport, aid for transition, freedom adventures, and enduring care to troops. With that I think that this is not necessarily an example of intruding on culture. Rather it IS giving back to troops and not just using that emotional connection between troops in battle who return home to get consumers to buy into their products. The brand is giving back and looking at the bigger picture of what people believe in. 

Jeep® Heroes Caravan | Operation SAFE Return

In celebration of their heroism, seven members of the U.S. Military were invited to New Orleans to attend Super Bowl XLVII and to celebrate the launch of the Jeep® Operation SAFE Return Campaign and USO Partnership. The Jeep Heroes Caravan itinerary included local food tours, a visit to the Mardi Gras Museum, lunch with Chef John Besh (a former Marine), a meet and greet with Grammy award winning Hip-Hop band, The Roots and attending the big game.

In addition, the Jeep brand has created the “Tribute for Troops” social media campaign, an effort that encourages citizens to support troops in their communities. Now through Mon. May 27, the Jeep brand will donate $1 for every person who pledges to join the movement and tweets out their efforts using the hash tag #joinOSR.

Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens and US Army Colonel Gregory D. Gadson getting connected at the Operation SAFE Return Open House

#JoinOSR (at Fort Belvoir USO Warrior And Family Care Center)

Jeep follows up Super Bowl spot with call to help the USO

Once again, Chrysler had one of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials with its two-minute Whole Again Jeep spot, which was used to highlight its Operation SAFE Return program for US military personnel returning home from active duty. As part of this campaign, Jeep announced today that it will be donating up to $300,000 to the United Services Organizations (USO), and you can help.

Simply tweet using the #joinOSR hashtag on Twitter, visit the Yahoo! homepage or go to the Jeep Operation SAFE Return website, and Jeep will donate $1 to a fund that provides returning troops things like employment assistance and incentives to buy new vehicles. Jeep is also donating to this charity to the tune of $250 for each Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited (including the Freedom Edition model) and Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition model sold.

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