so in less than a full year i will be moving out of my house and into some college related setting and like everytime i think of it i start to cry a little not becuase im not ready to move out, im super excited about that adeventure, but beacuse im going to have to look my mom in the face and say goodbye to her as she drops me off at my apartment thing and oh god im crying now i dont think ill be able to do that im such an emtional person im gonna be that weird girl who cried and the strange thing is after i turned ten i have never once been homesick but the thought of having to watch my mom turn and go and not see her for five or so months is a lot wow

HWU : Jenni

In the recent help quest, Blog eat Blog, a rather important development was discovered for Jenni. She’s currently in the middle of her parent’s divorce, who are both trying to get her to choose a side. This brought out some major feelz in me and I started thinking…why would Pixelberry reveal something big like this? And yes, it is big.

So I thought what if Jenni follows a similar path that Mia did before she joined. Maybe Bianca says something that pushes Jenni away. The MC comforts her and she eventually joins our entourage. Now many characters would be opposed to this so like Mia, she would have to earn their trust, but instead of spending an entire quest helping everyone with their school projects….she reveals some dirt on the Stone family that could help us finally get sole pay back on Anders Stone.

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😭😭😭😭😭. Okay so a while back dickstopher made this chat with a couple ppl from here in it I think dvpeshitonly was in in it to and because Bruna is petty asf she made the group name #chrae and everyone left the chat but me idk why but yea. And you can look up group names on Kik in case you wanna join .So now months later this Chrae fan ask this I’m dead💀💀💀the fact that we were being messy mean and petty and now this poor fan think I’m like her ;((((((

Hi there! Are you interested in joining a network where everyone is extremely welcoming and super friendly? Well Vue Network is just the place for you! Keep in mind follower count and blog type do NOT matter! :)


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clinging status


***a network for black and white blogs, see link for examples***


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Other Info

  • link: the blurred network
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  • i have no set date for choosing members, but unless this post gets a considerable amount of notes (idk hopefully more than like 15??) I will not be adding new blogs. 
  • I am also considering finding a co-admin to run the network with me because I have limited network experience. if you’re interested message me. I would like someone who can help me set up a network chat or some form of communication between members.
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