Hi there! If you would like to join Vue Network- a place where anyone and everyone is welcome no matter the follower count or blog type, keep reading: 


  • You need to follow either Hafsa (me) or Adena
  • Have a facebook account - since this is a facebook based group.
  • Reblog this post!
  • Message me your blog type, follower count, and why you want to join!


  • make new friends
  • gain many followers
  • help on html
  • promos
  • etc etc!

We will add as many people as we can, there is no limit! So, reblog this, message me and then you’ll be in! Spread the word! x <3



this is a squad that is hella as fuck


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post before July 22nd
  • fill out this form
  • must be at least 80% humor
  • willing to holla at other members in group chats 
  • must chill all members


  • new homies
  • lots of new fans
  • selfie reblogs
  • advice, voting help 
  • you get to be in THE SQUADDDDD
  • your url and name will be shoved up my ass
  • tinychat SQUADovers


  • there will be luv shared
  • i luv zayn malik

These are just so much fun!

  • Mbf this soon-to-be-surfer and her best friend
  • Reblog this (you can like to bookmark)
  • Must reach 50 notes? (Or we’ll pretend this never happened and I’ll we’ll be sad)
  • Runners up will depend on number of notes
  • Ends July 30th, winner and runner-up(s) announced August 1st
  • Check out my flawless July BOTM and beautiful runners up.
What We're Looking For:
  • Catchy url
  • Fandom blogs
  • Clean, simple theme
  • Awesome posts
  • A tagging system is not mandatory but it’s a huge bonus
  • A sweetheart for a blogger (yes, I will be kinda stalking y’all)
Winner Gets:
  • Follow back if not already
  • A spot on our updates tab for the month of August
  • Included automatically in all promos during August
  • Any gifset you might possibly want (request) or an edit of your choice
  • I’ll take a fanfiction request and write it for you
  • Help with anything! (polls, blog rates, html, etc)
  • Our eternal love, friendship and hugs!
Runner(s) Up Get:
  • Follow back if not already
  • A spot on our updates tab for the month of August
  • Total of three promos through the month of August upon request
  • Any gifset you might possibly want (request) or an edit of your choice
  • Our eternal love, friendship and hugs!

The Obscure Network:

A collection of Urban, Pale, Nature, Japan, Hip-Hop, and Fashion blogs


  • MBF: ogchakra, sankey-ra, trillicity
  • Reblog this post no likes
  • Must be willing to place a link or badge for the network
  • Be an active blog


  • Reblog the post more than once
  • Message the owners here, here, here to be considered 
  • Have a nice theme and quality posts


  • Huge gain in followers
  • Html advice
  • Promos / Blogrates
  • Tumblr chat! 
  • Also you make a lot of friends

You will be messaged by an owner if you have made it.

We are accepting most blogs because we want as much activity as we can receive and really don’t plan on dying out.


wow look at this sick group you should totes join 


  • mbf adi and audrey
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking only)
  • be a 1D/5SOS/multi blog

✿ P E R K S ✿

  • cool people to talk to wow 
  • new buddies yay
  • notes on your edits, selfies and other creations 
  • lots of followers from all the rates and other thingos
  • advice on anything 
  • f r i e n d s omg 
  • a spot on our sick network page woah

✿ I N C R E A S E  Y O U R  C H A N C E S ✿

  • make us stuff! edits, fake tweets etc and tag #thepenguinsquadpg
  • hmu talk to us we dont bite lel
  • reblogging this multiple times does help but try not to annoy your followers 
  • tbh just post stuff in the tag. we like seeing stuff in the tag

✿ E X T R A  I N F O 

  • Picking when this reaches a decent amount of notes 
  • We’ll pick 15-20 peeps at first but we’ll keep adding more people over time :)
  • if ya have any questions dont hesitate to ask us!
  • good luck!! reblog away!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✖Nekoma High Network✖

Apply || Network Page || Badge || Admin


Must be following me

Reblog this post. You can like to reference. 

Fill out the application 

Must love Nekoma High of course! 

At least blog haikyuu!! 

Be friendly and respectful 

Please no superwholock blogs. I’m sorry.

★What to do if you’re chosen★

I will send you a message telling you to put the badge somewhere on your blog and I will add you on skype! 

Follow other members of the network! 

Track the tag #nekomanet


So many cool benefits! You got some new rad friend’s who also like Nekoma, sharing head canons, playing online games together because it’s fun, we’ll reblog your posts, selfies, and did i mention a rad skype group where we will have all these fun discussions? Our chats won’t be limited to just Nekoma or haikyuu!! so don’t worry about that! Chat subjects can range from Headcanons to funny videos. It’s a riot.

Just be friendly, open to new friends, and respectful! 

I’m thinking of accepting 20-25 people.  (I can add more slots to the network page)


**don’t delete the text, it won’t show up on your blog!**

The Pink Network!

This network is for the people who love the colour pink J♥



«Follow me (you have no chance of being chosen if you don’t follow)

«Reblog this at least once

«Can be any blog style but must be a pink lover!! 



«Meet some new friends!

«A nice little badge for your blog!

«A chat that you can join :) 


Higher Chance (if you want)

«Reblog this post a few times!!

«Follow my instagram (message me if you did!)

«Write in my guestbook (because no one has yet!)



«I made the banner :)

«I’m choosing 20 blogs!

«Choosing when this post reaches 70 notes or more!

«I’ve never made a network before and I’m still learning everything so plz be nice ok x

*I will be messaging the winners!!!

 »»  the network page ««


Reblog away! (pleaseeeee) ♥♥