tinykhajiit asked:

When he cried after healing the dog.

Yes but crying over taking the pain away from a dying dog does not cancel out the fact that for most of the Season (and during the Season final) he acts like an arrogant ass. He’s just not as sensitive as fandom perceives him to be. 

Remember that time he beat up that dude to get tickets to a rave or when the was all about killing Lydia. 

How come Erica’s always depicted as strong and bitchy and sexy as hell - but Isaac isn’t? They pretty much act the same way for most of the Season. 

tinykhajiit asked:

Do you think Laura would be proud of you for avenging her death and approve of your alpha status?

Laura would have hated having Peter die, even with all that he did. That was just the way she was. But she would have also understood how dangerous he was and that it needed to be done.

I don’t think Laura ever thought about me becoming alpha one day. I never did.