johnwatsonismyblogger replied to your postSo my mom just finished Hound of the Baskervilles…

I know exactly how you feel, haha. I did the same to my mom, but she didn’t really care much for Reichenbach. I however, was crying my eyes out even though I knew the ending.

I asked my mom if shes excited to watch, and she said she’s nervous because clearly it’s emotional (she recalls the party-turned-sobbingfest-of-a-dozen-teenagers at my house when it aired), and she watches while she’s on the treadmill. So I suppose she’s afraid she won’t be able to finish her run…which is accurate.

Oh, I’ve got two for this one! (I actually wanted to use a speech from my book about anarchy, but it didn’t fit very well. Pooh. XD)

"You know," she says, "one day we’re going to look back and go ‘Remember when we thought we belonged together?’ And we’re going to laugh at who we were, thinking we could just throw ourselves into love and expect it work."


The tuxedo fits him like an iron maiden—he’s practically screaming to get out. But he would wear it for the rest of his life, if it meant they could always be as happy as they are today.