Nate Maloley Imagine: Kissin On My Tattoos.

Hello my name is Carly. So I wanted to request an imagine if that’s okay.. The story I had in mind was you and Nate have a long distance relationship while he’s in LA she thinks he’s cheating then while in her car the song kissin on my tattoos comes on and later that night nate tells her that she is the only one he wants kissin on his tattoos you can add more details but I think that would be kinda cute……


Warning: Includes a super sweet Nathan Maloley and may cause extreme feels.

Key: (R/TN) = Random Twitter Name

       (Y/T/N) = Your Twitter Name

Y/N’s POV:

It’s never easy dating a growing celebrity, especially an attractive, male, up and coming rapper like Nate Maloley. Yes, I am blessed enough to have such an amazing, talented, caring, kind, and of course attractive, boyfriend. Believe me, I never forget how attractive he is, especially, when the girls he is constantly surrounded by point it out. Sometimes it’s so hard to look at some of the pictures he takes with fans. I know most of them are innocent but, sometimes I wonder if he’s ever tried to get with one of them. They’re all so beautiful, and they’re prettier than I am for sure. I even wonder sometimes, why Nate hasn’t left me already for one of the gorgeous fans he meets.

For the past 2 months, Nate and I have been in a long distance relationship. We’ve been together for a year, but when he decided he wanted to spend more time in LA to expand his career, there wasn’t anything I could do to stop him. Of course I wanted to be there with him, and I would be soon, but I had to finish school here first. I had one more month to go and then I could go out to LA to be with him again. Although he was beyond upset, Nate totally understood that I couldn’t drop everything I’ve been working so hard for, just to go to LA. 

After I woke up, I got ready for my day. After showering, brushing my teeth, doing my hair and makeup, and getting dressed, I sat down to eat my breakfast. I picked up my phone, went on twitter, and searched skatemaloley on twitter, something I caught myself doing often since Nate left. I would look through the pictures Nate took with girls and compare myself to them. I knew it wasn’t healthy, but in some weird way, it was addicting. 

As I was scrolling through I saw a picture posted by one of Nate’s fans. His arms were wrapped around her waist and his face was nuzzled in her neck. They definitely were too close for my liking. I tried to blow it off as an innocent photo but then I started seeing all these tweets about the photo and toward Nate and the girl in the photo. 

(R/T/N): OMG!! @_bethhh_ You are so lucky! You guys look like a legit couple!

(R/T/N): How was at the after party you guys @_bethhh_  @skatemaloley ;) 

(R/T/N): How steamy did things get afterwards ;) @_bethhh_ @skatemaloley ;) 

The more I read the tweets the more my anxiety kicked in. Nate wouldn’t cheat on me…would he? I decided to close out of twitter, finish my breakfast, and give Nate a call.

It felt like the phone didn’t even ring when Nate answered.

“Hey Lil Mama.” His phone floated through the phone. 

“Hey babe!” I said smiling, trying to sound cheerful. I didn’t want to lead Nate into thinking anything was wrong just in case I was being paranoid.

“What’s up?” Nate asked.

“Oh nothing. I was just eating breakfast and thinking about you.” I said as I giggled.

He laughed, “I was thinking about you too baby. I miss you so much (y/n). He said, his tone getting sadder toward the end. 

It made my heart hurt to hear him sound sad. Maybe I was being crazy, he loved me way too much to even think about cheating on me…i hope.

“I miss you too baby. I can’t wait to be with you again. Only one more month and we will be together.” I said to him reassuringly.

“I wish it could be sooner.” Nate said, sounding a little happier than before.

“Me too babe, me too.” I replied.

“I’m glad you called (y/n), but I have to go to a stupid meeting. I’ll call you later tonight?” Nate said to me sounding annoyed and disappointed.

“Sounds good Nate, I love you, good byeee.” I said dragging out the “bye” in a flirtatious manner. He loves when I do that.

“I’ll talk to you later lil mama, I love you too.” He said, hanging up the phone. 

It wasn’t long before my mind started filling with questions. Was he really going to a meeting? Did I hear a girl in the background? Was his “I love you” real? All the questions flooded my mind and made me sick to my stomach. I decided I would tweet and then just relax. Tweeting usually helped soothe my worries, it was sort of an escape for me in a way.

(Y/T/N): I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I have to wonder if he loves me.

(Y/T/N): I just have to know, who’s that girl…

It wasn’t long before my twitter started blowing up with RT’s and Favorites. I also got some replies to my tweet. Most of them were from Nate’s fans who knew I liked to write poetry and just assumed they were sneak-peaks of poems I was writing. However; I did get the occasional hate filled tweet. 

(R/T/N): Omg @_bethhh_ @(Y/T/N) is indirecting you and Nate, jealous much? 

(R/T/N): Haha at the indirect tweets from @(Y/T/N) about @_bethhh_ and Skate are hilarious.

@_bethhh_: @(R/T/N), maybe she’s realized someone can take her man.

The last tweet really through me over the edge. Of course Nate wasn’t tagged in any of them, because the fans would never insult me if they knew Nate would see, but I know Nate has my tweet notifications on so he’ll see my reply to the girls at some point and see how they’re acting.

(Y/T/N): Not tagging anyone, you know who you are, but no I’m not jealous and no one is taking my man. Just writing some poetry my loves.

After I tweeted that, I just sat around my house and waited for Nate’s call later. I was getting pretty hungry and the food in my house wasn’t very appealing so I decided to drive to chipotle and get some lunch. When I got in the car, the song “Kissin On My Tattoos” by August Aslina came on. I love that song so much. It always reminds me of Nate and Nate would always play it for me. That inspired another tweet from me. I pulled out my phone and went on twitter.

(Y/T/N): Really though…he only wants one girl kissin’ on his tattoos. ;)

That tweet really made my phone blow up. The fans that ship me and Nate were loving it like crazy. It made those few girls shut up for a bit. I picked up my lunch, went back home, and decided to sit on my couch and watch some T.V. 

Nate’s POV

That meeting felt like it dragged on forever but I was finally out. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to call (y/n/) and I saw I had tons of twitter notifications. I saw the things (y/n) tweeted and I was really confused. Did she think I was cheating on her with that Beth girl? That was some random girl who asked for a staged photo. Why was she trying to act like we were a couple, or that I cheated on (y/n) with her?

I decided I would tweet something and then call (y/n).

skatemaloley: cant love anyone else like I love my baby…@(Y/T/N).

skatemaloley: Still much love for the fans though…wouldn’t be where I am without you. <3 

I knew the fans would be shocked because I was never one to tweet about my relationship or put my business out there but I felt like it needed to be done. I clicked on (y/n)’s name in my phone and called her.

“Babeee” she answered in a cheerful voice. She was probably napping.

“Hi baby. Did I wake you?” I asked her.

“I was dozing off but it’s okay because I’ve been waiting for your call all afternoon” she replied. That made me smile. I loved that she waited up for me.

“ I saw your tweets babe” I said, wanting to get right to the point.

“Oh, you saw those? Yeah I’m working on some new poems and-” she said before I cut her off.

“ I know they’re about that picture with the fan baby. I wanna clear things up with you. I don’t want you thinking I have eyes on anyone else but you.” I said to her.

She hesitated a bit. It was an eerie silence. I could tell she was embarrassed or upset. “I just, you guys looked so close in that picture. You looked like a real couple, it made me nervous and-” she said to me. I cut her off again so I could explain.

“(Y/N), you should know I only have eyes for you and I will only ever have eyes for you. You’re my everything and I would never do anything that would compromise our relationship. You mean more to me than I could ever even put into words” I said to her.

“Awe Nate” she said back to me in a cooing tone.

“That one tweet was true though” I said smirking, even though she couldn’t see me.

“Which one?” She asked nervously.

“You are for sure the only person I want kissing on my tattoos” I said to her in a seductive tone.

She giggled at me and said, “Yeah, I assumed that.”

I heard her yawn and could tell she was tired. It was getting late for her anyway and she had classes the next day. “I’m gonna let you get some sleep baby” I said to her.

“Okay. That sounds good. Call me in the morning?” She asked.

“Of course lil mama. I love you, sleep tight” I whispered into the phone. She loves when I whisper to her. She finds it soothing.

“Goodnight babe. I love you too” She said. I felt like I could see her smile in that moment. Her beautiful smile that I fell in love with when we first met. We both hung up our phones and I decided to tweet one more thing.

skatemaloley: Goodnight my angel…sleep tight beautiful…@(Y/T/N). <3


I heard my phone go off telling me I had a notification. I looked down to see Nate’s tweet. I unlocked my phone, faved the tweet, retweeted it, and tweeted him back.

(Y/T/N): @skatemaloley <3

I plugged in my phone and laid in my bed. It was nice going to sleep knowing Nate really loved me and I really am the only girl he wants kissing on his tattoos.


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Summer Escape (Jack Johnson imagine)

AN: So here is the fluffy Johnson imagine! Thank you lovelies for 500 followers, it means a lot! 😊 Hope you guys like it! Feel free to request anything, love you! 💖

Sometimes once you feel a certain way, there’s no going back.

Every summer Jack and I’s family went on a vacation together. This year we rented out a house on the beach in Flordia for a couple days.

I’d been best friends with Jack since we were born. But recently I had started to develop deeper feelings for him. Sure I’d always had a crush on him but I just shrugged it off. Now it was more than just a crush.

I was getting excited for our trip because I was hoping we’d have some time alone. Our families hadn’t seen each other in a couple months which was actually a long time for us.

We pulled into the drive way of the house and saw that they were already there. They came and greeted us outside. I immediately ran and jumped into Jack’s open arms giving him a tight hug and wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Y/N! I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too Jack!”

I went and said Hi and hugged his mom and dad.

“Wow y/n, you get prettier every day!” Jack’s mom said, she was like a second mom to me since she had been there for me since the beginning.

“Aww thanks!” I gave her another hug. I had to admit I missed her a lot too.

They all helped us unpack our stuff and bring it to the house.

The rest of the day was really fun. We all went swimming and had water fights. Acting like the little kids we used to be. Jack’s Dad barbecued and we all just hung out together. It started to get late so everyone made their way to bed. Sadly I didn’t get any alone time with Jack, but would try again tomorrow.

*  *  *

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at my phone. It read 3:12 a.m. I wasn’t really tired so I decided to get some water. I quietly tipped toed out of the room and made my way to the kitchen. I looked into the living room and saw that Jack was sleeping on the couch. He must have fallen asleep there and never went to his room. He looked so cute all cuddled up. I got some water and made sure to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake him.

I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep anytime soon so I tip toed through the living room grabbing a blanket off a chair and walked up to the sliding glass door. I unlocked it, trying to be as quiet as possible. I slid it open a little bit and wiggled my way out then closed it shut quietly.

I walked down the stairs of the deck and walked onto the beach and sat down in the sand. I pushed my feet in the sand as my toes played around with it. I looked at the waves as the moon light the sky. I was startled when I heard a voice behind me

“Y/n?” I turned my head around to see Jack standing there.

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come out here instead of staring at the ceiling.”

He came and sat next to me. We stayed silent for a couple moments but it wasn’t awkward. It was actually kind of nice.

“Wow, so beautiful even at night.” Jack said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah I know, I never want to leave.”

“No, I was talking about you.” I started to blush a little at his comment.

“Haha, thanks Jack.” I said rubbing my hands together. I had underestimated how cold it was going to be out here.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“Um, Yeah just a little bit.” He grabbed my hands in his and rubbed them together to warm them up. Then he pulled me but my waist so I was closer to him and laid back pulling me with him. He had his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head against his chest. I could hear his heart beating really fast. Maybe he felt the same as me. I could never tell if he was just being nice.

“This is nice.” He said with a shy smile.

“Yeah it is, I love being on the beach.”

“That and it’s nice being here with you. I’ve waited so long for this moment” I sat up and looked at him a little confused.

He slowly sat up a little bit resting on his elbows.

“Come on y/n, we can’t ignore this forever.” Oh god. He did. He did feel the same as me. I started to panic a little bit but tried to calm down. He sat up all the way so our faces were only and inch away.

“Okay.” Was all I could manage say.

He grabbed my face with each of his hand and slowly brushed his lips against mine. And instantly I felt all the love we’ve had for one another all these years. Are lips started moving perfectly together.

Quickly we were in a full on make out session. He had laid back down and I was straddling him. His hands explored every inch on my body while my tongue explored every part of his mouth. This was everything I could of imagined.

I knew that if I didn’t stop now though we’d be in trouble. I disconnected our lips and laid beside him.

“Damn y/n, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“I could say the same for you.”

We laid there for a little bit catching our breath and staring at the stars.


“Yeah Jack?” He turned a little bit so he was looking at me. He looked nervous.

“I-I’ve wanted to say this for s-so long.”

“Say what?”

“I love you y/n.” I smiled and quickly pecked him on the cheek.

“I love you too Jack.”



Say you love me to my face
I need it more than your embrace
Just say you want me, that’s all it takes
Heart’s getting torn from your mistakes


I still cry about the fact that I WAS IN THE SAME AIRPORT WHEN THEY FILMED THIS