Rules: list 15 things that make you happy, and then tag 15 people

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1. Pizza, Tacos, & Candy

2. Animals

3. Any Song From The Beatles especially any of their early work

4. being around friends and my family

5. good jokes

6. marvel movies

7. trees

8. nature

9. the rain

10. when people give me free food

11. gardening (i just started doing that)

12. magic

13. helium balloons

14. tumblr ( sometimes)

15. getting messages 

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1. Why did you choose your url?
I love jimmy page (nicknamed zoso) so I’m crazy about zoso, hence “zoso crazy” (also could be taken from “I’m oh so crazy” lol)
2. What’s your middle name?
3. If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet what would it be?
4. Favourite colour?
5. Favourite song?
shine on you crazy diamond by pink floyd
6. What are your top three fandoms?
classic rock, metal, and top gear
7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
tbh I don’t. I’m just here to waste time
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Why did you choose your URL? 

a few years ago my friend sang “Strawberry Fields Forever” for our school’s talent show and its honestly one of my fondest memories and “Hey Jude” is my favourite song

   What is your middle name?

its Marie which ive heard is a common middle name so you should message me and we could have a Marie squad

  If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

probably a unicorn because theyre awesome

Favorite color?

my favorite color is pretty much any blue

Top 3 fandoms?

my top 3 are Classic Rock, Harry Potter, and Alice in Wonderland

Why do you enjoy tumblr?

its a cool place where I can post whatever and nobody from my school will find me and I can meet cool people like all of you lovelies

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