I did have time to glance at the sports page of one of the Miami papers and read the account of the thrilling no-hit game which you pitched against the Boston Bees, and then when I read of your second no-hit game in five days I simply could not resist dropping you this note to extend you my congratulations on this remarkable feat.
—  J. Edgar Hoover to Johnny Vander Meer, via Cooperstown Chatter

On this date in Baseball History: June 15, 1938: Cincinnati Reds starter Johnny Vander Meer throws his second consecutive no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field four days after no-hitting the Boston Bees at Crosley Field. “The Dutch Master” Vander Meer is the only pitcher in Major League Baseball history to throw two consecutive no-hitters.

#2: Vander Meer- 2 consecutive no hitters

I consider this to be the second most unbreakable streak in sports history. I think someone can get two in a row, but the likelihood of someone pitching three no hitters in a row, which would likely have to be against at least two different teams, seems extremely low. It is possible, however. A no-hitter is considerably easier than a perfect game. Vander Meer walked a combined 11 batters in his back-to-back no hitters, equaling his strikeout total in those games. He did shut out the opposition in both games, though. Vander Meer said afterwards that he could not handle the interest he got from the media following the streak. 

      “All the publicity, the attention, the interviews, the photographs, were too much for me,” Vander Meer said (AP Wire, 1939).


On this date in Baseball History On June 11, 1938: at Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Johnny Vander Meer walked three while striking out four and allowing no hits against the Boston Bees aka Boston Braves. This would be the first of two consecutive no-hitters for Vander Meer. “The Dutch Master” would be the only pitcher to hurl two consecutive no-hitters.