How to send a letter to a Johnny's ?

Since some people are constantly wondering how to send letters to the agency. I make this post to help you. I find all these informations on a LJ, so the credit goes to that person. And please don’t forget to reblog it to help everyone. :)

Rules :

1. Language

You can write them letters in your languages, but if you can’t write in Japanese, please try in English.

2. International reply coupons

This is only for international fans who are not living in Japan. You’ll have to include 2 coupons inside your envelope. If you don’t know what these coupons are, you can ask the people in your post offices, these coupons are quite expensive.

3. Address

You’ll have to send the letter in a self-addressed envelope. Please make sure that the address is correct.

4. Presents

Never send your letters with present/package/gift, because they don’t accept those things. They will send it back to you or the worse is that they will trash them.

5. Luck

You really need luck to get reply. By sending your letter doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to get a reply. Always trying will be a great way. You’ll have to know that if they get 200 letters everyday, it’s very difficult to reply those letters sooner. So, don’t give up and let’s write to our idols !

Address :

And here’s the address of the Office, please make sure to re-check it before sending it.
Replace the name of “Ninomiya Kazunari” by the name of your Johnny’s. Same goes to the group and if it’s a Johnny’s Jr, just write : “Johnny’s Jr.”.

Ninomiya Kazunari Arashi
Johnny’s Family Club 4-6-9 4F
Azabu Jyuuban Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan 106-8670

I hope it could help. And if you’re lost, don’t hesitate to send me your question in my ‘Ask’ box. ;)


Juri x Jesse e:e