I’ve usually enjoyed the look of the Fantastic Four. They have a color unity and symmetry to their costumes that says “team”, “family” “action” and “science!” That said, they can be a little square. I’d like to think that if they went to some late-night Inhuman soiree on the moon they wouldn’t wear the same outfits they wore to the Negative Zone collecting slime samples. Still, the clothes have got to be as action-ready as they are fun. You know as soon as _______________ (the longtime enemy of ______________) shows up, there’s gonna be stretching, flaming, clobbering, and …er.. invisbling?

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I suppose he's writing a Morrissey book full of lies and vile investigations ! I don't think ''The Severed Alliance'' is about the Smiths days or Morrissey/Marr.... a good part of the book speaks about his family and ''the colour of young Steven's underwear''.

Well considering it took six chapters and 136 pages before the band was even mentioned, you have a good point… ;)

Methinks Rogan actually fancies him rotten - or at the very least there’s an obsession of the variety that would normally have one slapped with a restraining order and court-mandated counselling. :P I remember Morrissey saying once, “People say, well, he’s obviously gay and loves you”…quite possibly! Hehe.

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Morrissey and Marr: The Severed Alliance: Updated and Revised 20th Anniversary Edition

Now, 20 years after it was first published, Rogan has returned to his definitive Smiths biography to produce a completely revised edition based on new information and new interviews to add to the almost 100 initially conducted over a four-year period.


Widely acclaimed as one rock’s leading writers, Johnny Rogan now brings yet more insight and analysis to his best-selling book that revealed, for the first time, the true and unsanitized story of The Smiths – the most important group of their generation.

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Used Book in Good Condition

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John Lennon: The Albums Johnny Rogan

John Lennon: The Albums isimli kitabın yazarı Johnny Rogan olarak belirtilmiştir. This title presents an analysis of every album recorded by John Lennson during his solo years, from the end of the Sixties to his death in 1980, as well as the posthumous work that followed. A lively and provocative commentary of every song is interspersed with comments from Lennon on his final decade. The book features a song-by-song analysis, a song index for easy reference, details of compilations and live albums, and also details of posthumous releases.

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well, anyways, Rogan enjoyed the court case ! I'm surprised he didn't write a book about it !

Ha, he probably did and just got knocked back by the publishers… >:)

I think his next one should be a memoir of his own Morrissey-stalking days. A bit like that Dickie Felton book, “The day I met Morrissey”…except creepy and kind-of deranged.

The day I stalked Morrissey, by Johnny Rogan.

Is it wrong that I’d actually buy such a tome?

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I'd put that book in the porn section ;). regarding the severed alliance, well, put it in the fire really. Devotees and authors of slashfics have more words and imagination than him. Johnny himself said the severed alliance is not a good book (because of bad Rogan writing style I suppose). Johnny would love slashfics ..... ;)

Wait…which Johnny are we actually talking about now?!