He unwinds the only way he knows how

Scott had had a busy last few days he wasn’t exactly stressed he just had to relax a bit. Relax the only way Scott Summers knew how to: by training. Before he started he had to make sure that his visor was in top condition since he was about to use his powers. He sat down and started to tighten bolts but not too tight that it would break. He always exercised the utmost carefulness. When it came to his powers no safety precaution was too much.


GARLIC… Yum, one of the super foods and according to the New York Times one of the oh about 15 foods we are not eating enough of (my future sister-in-law knows the rest). John (the cycling brother) says this works very well. I giggle to myself thinking of him shaking the bowls. 


If you asked me which of my brothers would have been a father first, I would have said Charlie, followed by Will and then maybe John. John has proved me wrong with the arrival of little Ainsley Olivia. A real peanut.

It was great fun and made my eyes a little misty to see John interacting with his daughter. He and Adele (my awesome sister-in-law) are naturals. They are a great team.

Ainsley seems to realize I am really cool, which is a good start for our relationship. At six weeks she seems to eat a lot (I hope she did not get this from me)- 21 ounces a day and I guess when you weigh only eight pounds that is a ton. Maybe I should try this diet.

Let me introduce Ainsley Olivia or A.O. as we became accustomed to calling her.


(Ahh, so cute)


(This one cracks me up)


(A.O. has an exciting life ahead)


(I do not think I am poking her!)

The three of them might be coming to visit for Christmas. How fun would that be. I hope our apartment is big enough.


It is a busy week at Turning Over a New Leith- Saturday, April 28, Johnners takes to the saddle for the 300+ mile Trans-Iowa V.8. 

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Poor Johnners- he has been under the weather with bronchitis and eye troubs. The ocular bleeding (exaggeration) has led him to have to have injections directly into his eye- how horrible, but being the real athlete in the family he is going to persevere. Or maybe this is how he psych’s out his competition.

It will also be the red-carpet, world premiere of 300 Miles of Gravel, a film that features John and his cycling prowess- I hope he gets a copy on DVD. The only time spandex on the red carpet is acceptable.

John has agreed to grant his first post-race interview to Turing Over a New Leith-  stay-tuned for early next week where John will all the gory deets from the road and the red-carpet highlights.

For those of you who want to follow along- you can listen for updates with Guitar Ted.

Good luck Johnners- stay safe out there.