johnlockhart asked:

Isn't Muk the cutest pokemon ever?

I love Ash’s Muk! He’s just adorable and squishy :3

I don’t think you’d like them in real life though… x) they’re stinky and poisonous little fellas haha!

johnlockhart asked:

Thank you so much for the tutorials!!! They are the best! I have to practice a lot but they are really hepful. I've learned to make some cool gifs thanks to you. (Forgive me, my English is not the best lol)

Your english is fine! :) And you’re welcome! So glad I could help. That’s awesome!

johnlockhart asked:

I don't know if you have answered this question before (if you have, sorry) but, which is your favorite Generation? And your less favorite?

I’m not sure if I have. My favorite is gen 2, and my least favorite is gen 4.