I’m not confident in social situations; just going up to someone in a bar and saying ‘Hi’ is going to be even more difficult because they won’t know the real me. They will just know me as a fictional person I play on the screen.

 Benedict Cumberbatch



I rarely ever do posts like this, but I feel like this will really matter to some people.

AO3 is asking for some money, to keep the organization going. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE ao3. There probably hasn’t been a day I haven’t been on it in the last two years, I and seriously doubt there is anyone who reads fanfiction and doesn’t know of this wonderful site. 

Now clearly, one could say there are better causes to put your money to, especially on a site like tumblr. But for some people, fanfiction and fanart is their escape, I’ve read lots of stories about people being depressed and then finding out about certain ships and then becoming much happier people, and personally, fanfiction is the reason I started making friends through the internet and connecting with people because of what I love.

So all I’m asking is, that if you’ve ever seen a fanwork on ao3, smiled at fluff, or ogled at a particularly smutty fan art, try to give just a little bit of money to this site. And if not, try to spread the word like I am! I’m not a staff member or anything, I just am a fan that really wants to let this site know how much we as fandoms love and appreciate what they are doing. So please, please, please, reblog this, or click one of the links below to help out!

Informational Post

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Thanks so much!

  • Kid!lock getting absorbed in watching a bee on the road and falling off his bike and kid!John not being able to resist stopping to help the beautiful boy who walks around with his head in the clouds
  • John saying here, lean on me until it becomes clear that Sherlock can’t walk, so John bravely wipes Sherlock’s tears away and puts his hands on his shoulders and says I’ll carry you, Sherlock Holmes
  • Mummy Holmes opening the door to find John red-faced and nearly falling over with Sherlock in his arms, bridal style, looking both like he’s in horrible pain and like he’s a little bit in heaven because he can’t believe he’s literally in John’s arms
  • John nervously waiting in the foyer as the Holmes parents examine Sherlock’s leg and then offering to come with to the hospital because well, I want to know… what happens…
  • Kid!Mycroft pretending to be annoyed that he has to come along because he’s too young to stay home alone and John getting angry and saying he’s your brother, you should care!
  • Sherlock smiling at John because he doesn’t know anyone brave enough to stick up to Mycroft, especially not for him
  • John quietly sliding his hand into Sherlock’s and squeezing it as they ride to the hospital and Sherlock squeezing it gently back as they exchange a quick smile and then each turn bright red UwU

okay I just sorta wanna say this cause I haven’t seen it anywhere here and I think it’s important. 

So, Fanfic writers are pretty awesome the majority of the time, right? It’s like so cool that we’ve got this creativity in our fandom. But, something I’ve noticed is fanfics writers getting laughed at and getting nasty comments just because they don’t write smut.

I sure love some smut myself, but if you are rude to someone because they have chosen not to put it in their fic for whatever reason, try and remember this;

  • An author could be putting absolutely all their efforts into this fic you’ve decided not to like just because they don’t have smut. You can dislike it all you want, but don’t  be bloody rude about it. 
  • The author will see your comment on the lack of smut.
  • They might think that their story isn’t good enough despite having put all their creativity and time into writing their fic.
  • A person might just not like smut. End of.
  • You do not choose what other people write. (unless it’s a commission, duh).
  • Same applies for fanart. Same applies for role plays. 
  • Also, bear in mind that someone might like rping smut, but not drawing it. Or any mixture of likes and dislikes with art, rping, fics etc. 

idk, I just think it’s a little insensitive when people complain about a lack of smut, even though someone’s fic could be beautifully written.

Sherlock’s lips. He thinks about them a lot. Their pinkness, their softness. Or what he imagines their softness would have been. He imagines a lot, actually. He dreams of kisses in the rain and snogs in bars and gentle pecks in 221B. He fantasizes about running his hands through those curls and ripping off that infamous coat. He lets himself imagine whispered ‘I love you’s and shouted ones, ones murmured against hot lips, ones screamed in desperate moments. He’d take them all; he’d take any of them.

And then he remembers and the fantasy breaks and the world shatters around him and the words tumble out, slicing into the still silence like daggers. How could you not have known how much I loved you, Sherlock? How could you not have seen that I am — was — in love with you, that I would have given up the world for you?

But it’s too late. Sherlock is gone, and John is alone and afraid and a damn coward, a damn coward for not letting himself fall when the jump would have been so, so easy.