So I’ve been rewatching the entire series while taking note of John’s hand tremors and then I came to this scene


We can see his right hand clenching in reaction to Sherlock’s offer for a handshake. But the thing is, that’s not the tremor hand. That’s not the hand that would start to shake whenever he’s feeling weak, helpless, vulnerable. The tremor always happens in his left hand, as Mycroft would confirm:


I do love the right-hand clench. It’s an understandable reaction; that hand is going to touch his beloved’s for possibly the last time in his life. But it’s not what I’ve specifically been looking out for. I’m looking for the hand that trembles when he’s reminded of how much war had changed him,


the hand that trembles as he’s begging for his best friend to not be dead,


and the hand that trembles when he has to confront the lies of the woman he’d made his wife.


It’s a shame we can’t see his left hand when Sherlock offers that final handshake. Like if it starts acting up and is shaking like crazy we wouldn’t know because it’s hidden from vie-OH WAIT NEVERMIND I DID SEE IT


Conclusions: Martin Freeman’s acting is fucking ridiculous, and the tarmac scene can go straight to hell

The stages of shipping:

1. “Oh, look! They’re so cute together!”

2. “Hm. This fanfiction/art is good! I wonder if there’s any more…”

3. *runs out of fanfiction/art to look at*

4. *writes fanfiction/draws fanart*

5. -the characters are in the same frame in the show- “LOOK! LOOK! THEY’RE SO CANON! OMG!”

6. *feels physical pain from shipping two mega dorks*

7. *the ship ruins your life*

John and Sherlock intertwining fingers without even thinking about it (◡‿◡✿)

Sherlock nuzzling his face into the crook between John’s neck and shoulder and peppering it with kisses ( ´∀`)

John leaning over to kiss Sherlock’s temple when he’s working ♪(´ε` )

Sherlock pressing his face into John’s stomach when they’re lying down and lying on him because he loves the pudge ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Sherlock pulling John into his chest and wrapping him in his coat when it’s cold and they’re waiting for a cab