i wish sherlock and john were portrayed by people of color i wish sherlock was black i wish john was trans i wish they were the consulting detective and her army doctor joan i wish they were anything but two cis white men but they are and that doesn’t change the fact that i would ship them if they were two potatoes because in EVERY incarnation in EVERY universe they belong together and the fact that right now in 2014 they are portrayed on a hit tv show by two cis white men is out of my hands but not a deterrent in my shipping of them

Every time John’s like “Sherlock is a sociopath, he doesn’t care about people” he’s actually trying to convince himself that it’s ok if Sherlock doesn’t love him back because he can’t and not because there’s something wrong with John and if that doesn’t tell you how in love with Sherlock John is and how fucked up everything is I can’t help you

john watson like “let me have a blog about my celebrity crush” “OMG my celebrity crush commented on my blog” “holy shit i saw my celebrity crush wearing only a bed sheet”

John and Sherlock intertwining fingers without even thinking about it (◡‿◡✿)

Sherlock nuzzling his face into the crook between John’s neck and shoulder and peppering it with kisses ( ´∀`)

John leaning over to kiss Sherlock’s temple when he’s working ♪(´ε` )

Sherlock pressing his face into John’s stomach when they’re lying down and lying on him because he loves the pudge ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Sherlock pulling John into his chest and wrapping him in his coat when it’s cold and they’re waiting for a cab


ok some thoughts

so Ben C cut his hair, yeah? and it definitely won’t grow long enough for the Sherlock special so WHAT IF THE SHERLOCK SPECIAL IS

  1. A flashback to Sherlock’s drug days and explains how he became a consulting detective
  2. A flash forward to John and Sherlock retiring in Sussex and is like LOOK WHERE THEY’RE GOING
  3. A look at John’s army days and doesn’t have Sherlock in it at all
  4. A look at something else (mary’s background??) and doesn’t have Sherlock in it at all
  5. Just Sherlock wearing a ton of hats the whole time  with no explanation and everyone being like wtf???

or maybe they’re just going to be lame and put him in a wig idk

It comes as a surprise to John but Sherlock loves holding John’s hand. He links their pinkies between them on the seat in taxis and squeezes John’s hand under the table at Angelo’s. But John’s favorite thing is when Sherlock laces their fingers together as they lie in bed after sex, every so often bringing John’s hand to his lips and brushing light kisses across each knuckle.