GoT 5x08

I fear the last two episodes of this season, I’ve got the feeling that it’s going to be screwed up !!
I aslo fear that we aren’t going to see Petyr! I think he won’t come back to Sansa before next season, that’s sucks!!!
And what about Jorah!! The sadness in his eyes when Danearys bannished him again !!! He’ll do anything to be forgiven by her in the few time he has left !!
John Snow may I say you fought very bravely during this slaughter against the withe walkers! How sad and beautiful was the end of this episode ?!?!

Soo , i have this urge ... to write about game of thrones

first thing first can we appreciate sam realness because i feel like we have to. He is like , are you okay? after he gets a beatdown. Thats how you do it , you go sam!

Second of it , hmm , we all knew john was into gingers , first ygritte now tormund. yeah i ship them , hard.


in that particular scene i wish tormund had said ‘‘yeah we suck each others dick , deal with it you dumb ass bitch!’‘  Writers definitely hinted , tormund&john are going to happen! Remember what he said or just let me remind you ‘‘ he is prettier than my two daughters’‘

that have to mean something or… it is just me.damn it!

By the way that wildling girl who just have turned into a white walker was very pretty.

I am rooting for CERSEI.

i want this series to end with cersei slaying everyone and rains of castamere is playing on the background. okay maybe thats not what i really have in my mind but all Cersei did was for her children and for Jaime. She is a cold hearted ruthless bitch, but not to her lover or kids. I value that in someone.