I was tagged by greektrash and gaiusiuliuscaesar for the 20 beautiful ppl thing, so have some photos of my face + my friend’s face ‘cause yesterday we went to the theatre 'La Scala’ and we took a shitload of photos. So here u go! I am tagging dargil artist-of-troy beatuscineris patbroklos aegisdea dajo42 johannathemad leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas mabychan nikoleto and anyone who wants to! Of course, if you don’t want to, don’t do it :3

I was tagged by shimizui thank you so much ♥ 

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and create 10 new ones. Tag 12 people and actually tell then you tagged them.

1- favourite anime: Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, FMA:B, Gankutsuou, Gintama, HxH 2011
2- ultimate bae: Akashi Seijuurou ♥  (jkjk it’s peniskagune)
3- ultimate otp: KILLUGON~
4- a url that made you go woah das genius: akashis
5- tumblr crush: animentality
6- favourite tumblr artist: OH GOD I DON’T KNOW I LOVE SO MANY. johannathemad skullcaps silencedmoment & susum0921 are the first ones that come to mind right now though~!
7- age: 21
8- how long have you been on tumblr: 4 years >_<
9- first thing you think when you wake up: I take like a five minute long pee literally
10- aha what do you think about me B|  I adore you & I have no idea why someone as cool as you is following me but thank you so much <3

Here are the questions for the people I tag: 

1- random headcanon with your OTP:
2- if you could make out with any anime character who would it be:
3- who must be protected at all costs:
4- what anime made you question your entire existence:
5- link to your MAL if you have one:
6- your favorite fanfiction on AO3:
7- a precious cinnamon roll too pure:
8- what anime do you wish had a bigger fandom:
9-  your problematic fav:
10- what song best represents your OTP:

I will tag some mutuals <3~~ 

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Soooo my spideysuit came in
SpideyJean is go, repeat, SPIDEYJEAN IS GO
(inspired by Johannathemad’s amazing spiderman au jeanmarco fanart


OKAYOKAOKAOKAY. So if you ship Jean and Marco, you MUST know of johannathemad and lownly. Johanna does the MASTERPIECES YOU CAN SEE. and Lownly does this OHMYGOD FIC CALLED ‘LIKE A DRUM’ WHICH IS MY LIIIFFFEE. And the person who made the collage in the back (all the lil’ pics), no longer has that account so I can’t link them :l sorry. AND THEN I JUST PUT ON TOP SOME OF MY FAVOURITE PICS OF THEM AND AHHHH DUDE HELP I AM GOING TO SQUEAL SO HARDMYHEADWILLBURST.

I’m sorry…I just really ship these two hardcore, especially through Johanna and Lownly..