Just obsessed with before & afters honestly. Left was my highest (191 pounds) in march 2014 and the right was March 2015 (139 pounds) Went from a full on binge eater of fries and junk in general, lazy and depressed to a genuinely happy girl who follows a vegan lifestyle & runs almost every day

Atlas Coffee-Infused Socks




Apparently… they make your feet less stinky.

But, what I’m wondering is, if you throw them in the washer… Do you get lotsa coffee?

Or, does caffeine enter your bloodstream when you wear them?

What happens to my dog when she inevitably eats just the left one?

If I run out of coffee… can I eat just the left one?


Running for the first time

Guys I did it!!! I’m so proud of myself. I struggled the last weeks if I should go running because I read a lot of articles how good it is for loosing weight and get fitter , but I was sooooo afraid of those people outside judging me like “oh she won’t stand 2 minutes” or when I pause “oh I see she already gave up”. Propably it’s all in my imagination but it made me insecure.
But today I finally went running and faced the world ( I know this souds a bit over the top).
I tried the c25k programm and I think I did a good job. When I met some people on my way and it was time for the walk session I told myselfe over and over again “I don’t care. I don’t care.” and I kind of didn’t care.
Now I’m happy and feel like I did something good for my body