Ready to go to bed but I’ve had this terrible sore throat since yesterday. I took some meds tonight, hopefully I’ll sleep.

I’ve gone for a walk/jogging 2 days in a row. That’s a start. But today I had the munchies so at the end I wasn’t that good.

Finally saw the episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I know one of the main characters was going to die and I deep down inside knew who it was but it made me mad. They could have ended
the series instead of killing him. I don’t even want to watch the darn show anymore.

Anyway have to go to sleep. Mondays are brutal at work.

And here is the relaxing break after another afternoon run. It feels so nice outside. Have a wonderful evening everyone! Truly first beautiful warm weather today. 21°C outside. I have been enjoying running in the park. Now off for a break. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! #adamasztalos #fashion #editorial #tiergarten #berlin #malemodel #abs #muscles #blond #mustache #beard #blondhair #blueeyes #hairy #hairylegs #bighands #mensstyle #mensfashion #menswear #2xist @official2xist shirt #carioca @cariocawear shorts #nike @nike socks and shoes #running #jogging (at Rosengarten Berlin)

In honor of being vegan for one year here’s another before and after. Left was August 2013, right is today (April 2015) Yuck, I had a drink in hand on the left. went from constant binging shitty foods, and laying on my couch all day to a healthy vegan lifestyle and plenty of cardio :) left - 191 Right - 139


I ran into some Blood Pressure issues in February and finally got the fire lit under me. I saw a doctor and started a Diet and Cardio program to lose weight. Since it wasn’t a cholesterol issue, just a weight one, there’s a good chance that once I lose the weight I’ll be off all the blood pressure meds and finally be healthy. 
I was able to run a 5K for the first time since I started the program and to my surprise I broke my own records three times over in the span of ten days. Not to mention I’ve also lost 30lbs since I started. 
This is hardly over. I’ve still got a lot more to go. Here’s to reaching my second goal. 225lbs.
(NOTE: My highest point was 288lbs, but I never marked it on my weight tracker app)


Today I jogged on the treadmill! It was only for 60 seconds at a time but I JOGGED!

Like, when I first started working out I wondered how it was gonna ever get better. But I’ve been going about 3 times a week and my times are improving so much.

Then today I figured I was gonna jog my fat ass off for 60 second bursts then power walk for 90 seconds. It hurt and I was exhausted but I felt like a motherfucking CHAMPION!

Still such a long way to go. But it’s so encouraging to see and feel progress. I’m so proud of my body right now. Even if it’s the fattest one in the gym. ☺️

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of your heart”~ Psalm 37:4 some days are not the easiest I don’t even seem to have time for me Lord thanks for knowing my heart. #thankful #iloveyouLord #getfit #jogging #exercise #fitness #lifestyle #schoolpsychologist #mentallyhealthy #mentallyfit #mentalhealth #mentalhealthservices #support #women #children #endchildabuse