I was tagged by the amazing my-happy-little-phan

1. Mandy, Mandellion (pronounced mandalyn), Manders
2. Brown
3. Brown
4. I’m in 8th grade
5. Blue
6. Bahamas (if u meant less extreme then my room)
7. (are YouTubers celebrities, I think yes!) Tyler oakley, troye sivan, connor franta, Zoe sugg, alfie deyes, joe sugg, caspar lee, marcus butler, dan howell, Phil Lester, jennxpenn, andrea russe-… oh u meant like artist/actor/actess umm Dave Franco (speaking of which I’ve met James Franco :D)
8. Turtle
9. I have a lot be prepared!
Gasoline, Touch, Fun, Happy Little Pill, The Fault in Our Stars- Troye Sivan
Paradise, Wild Life, Cold Hearted- Jack and Jack
Show You, Life of The Party, The Weight- Shawn Mendes
Anything by Panic! At the Disco!
10. I don’t really read but when I did read, Hunger Games and Catching Fire.
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