I don’t mind at all!

As for Cass, I’ve always had an inkling she was going to be romanceable in the next game after DA2. One of my mighty needs is for a Man Mage/Lady Warrior romance, which I did get in the form of Hawke/Anders…but I wanted to play the Man Mage so not exactly either.

Am definitely happy that third time’s the charm…only that the man mage became a pint-sized dwarf. Because I’ll always put dwarf protags (mageless as they are) first when multiple race options are provided, and Size Difference is another one of my mighty needs :D And since I like patterns, I’m using my Brosca/Leliana DA:O world state for this ship’s playthrough, so am hopeful to hear references to it irt Cass/Cadash’s courtship :3

As for Blackwall, while he’s not confirmed LI yet, I’m hedging my bets that he will be. I’ve only taken notice of him earlier this year, but the more I look (and info on him slowly trickles in), the more I like: The rain concept art, dat 3d model, brooding good looks, honorable personality, size AND age difference ship with a dwarven inquisitor…those ticked all the mighty need checkboxes (Doesn’t hurt that I mentally associate him with Richard Armitage by way of a tall Thorin Oakenshield >3>).

And as I’ve mentioned about patterns before, I’m using the DA:O world state of Aeducan/Alistair and DA2’s Warrior F!Hawke/Anders for this playthrough. This should be called the “Mastering Your Taint/Grey Your Warden” trilogy, really XD

Hope that answers your question! Maybe a little too much, haha I should go

due to reports of social media sites censoring and deleting information about the situation in ferguson, missouri, i have downloaded and saved screenshots of tweets, images, and video to preserve the truth about what’s happening.

this collection is available for you to download (at link above, or here). download it by clicking the button that looks like this:


save this if you have the space and share it with others, it is important that there is documentation of this.

I taught you that eating whole foods can be fun, you taught me that wearing something other than black can still be matching, I taught you that heights weren’t that bad & you taught me that you’ll always be there to catch me when I stand too close to the edge, I taught you that curiosity comes naturally, you taught me that I can’t eat square water melons & you taught me what it was like to never give up on someone you love just because life isn’t always easy & together were learning that even 9,000 miles apart we can make it work. I miss you, joeysamante #him


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