suejean168 said:

Holy frick frack dude your art is totally rad!! (Im also glad you like gravity falls, almost none of the blogs I follow Post gravity falls related stuff!!)

NO U, YOU ARE RAD. ;u; Thank you so much! 


Oh my biscuits, we need to fix that. May I suggest following cherryviolets and purplethinks? They post a lot of grand GF-related art and things. There’s also the official Gravity Falls blog ( gravi-teamfalls ), chrishoughtonart ( who was a character designer/storyboard revisionist on the show ), and the amazing joedrawsstuff ( who does LOTS of awesome things ).

There are plenty of other blogs out there, but those are the ones that flashed into my mind first. :)

thebigash said:

Hi just wanted to say that I love your art and I was wondering who some of your favorite artists here on tumblr are? c:

Thank you so much! Here’s a handful of my favourite artists

Wowwww that was a long list. I’m following like 400+ art blogs… but I tried my best to narrow it down.