Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)


Joe gets on board with Mutiny (because he’s starving for inspiration, or because he’s been out of the game too long, or because he’s still in love with Cameron). this needs to happen. because while he may have put up a false front, he does have ideas, and he does motivate people.

Joe and Sara will be good until about half-way through the season, or whenever it is that Joe moves back to Dallas and realizes he’s still in love with Cameron or when Sara realizes he is. 

we don’t know much about her yet. we don’t even really know who Joe is, now that he’s so changed. I’m trying to reserve my judgement, but I really loved Cam and Joe together, and the way they left things killed me. 

Cam and Joe will always be my endgame.

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So theres a rumor about Aj Styles joining Samoa Joe at NXT. How do you feel about Styles in the WWE?

I don’t care about A.J. Styles. I’m sorry, I just don’t.. I don’t get jazzed up about him. I can’t put my finger on why.


Taylor, it just hit me, I’m going to FOUR of your shows with my friends this tour and after the London concert I’ll have seen you live NINE times!! Considering I live in Europe and unfortunately didn’t win the lottery yet, that’s a pretty cool thing, don’t you think? For my friend Emmy London will even be the 10th concert!

And I’m sure I’ll say “this has been the best show yet” after every one of these concerts hahaha ONLY EIGHTEEN DAYS YAAAAAY!!!!!

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“Joe is trying to change, trying to figure out what it was that stopped him from completing this extraordinary vision that he had in mind. And all of the personal stuff that kept him from… being happy, but people don’t really change.”

A Look at Season 2: Halt and Catch Fire.  (For US viewers) (For those who couldn’t view AMC’s YouTube link)


How to use the invert/flip to make your art look nicer

This is what I use when something looks a tad off in the rough sketch. It may be a bit discouraging to use at first (the flipped image usually always ends up looking way more weirder that the main sketch), but all that means is you’re now able to see what parts of the drawing you’re over looking and trust me, it’ll end up being something very useful to help you improve on your proportions!

Starkid challenge: 24th day

Day 24: Fave Line

Ohohohohoh. It’s hart to choose but not me! Because I write this quote EVERYWHERE I can! I really, really love it!

It is at the end AVPM, and I don’t know how many billions of times I re-watched this ending, because it is the most GORGEOUS thing I’ve ever seen.

So, these are the words of Voldemort, how can it be someone else?. It’s their talk with Quirrell. Forever in the hearts of fans Quirrellmort <3333

IN FACT! I even have an audio recording of this talk. Is called “Is Okay Good?” And I’m very veeeery love to listen to her. I know it by heart!

So. My favorite line:

And, also, the whole ending of AVPM.